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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 2 – Episode 31

“You hurt those who care about you. You then force yourself on those who don’t give a s–t about you. Somehow…Tell me one reason why thunder won’t fire you?

Godwin and I was still pinned down to the back of the tree we were when I sighted a police officer who was making a suspicious movements. I looked at his face and recognized him instantly. It was the leader of the ritualist who ordered his men to be shooting at us in the bush during the narrow escape some few days back. The policeman with us had given us a pistol when he got a radio communication from Julius to come over and join them. Bangrajan was running while Goddy and I ran closely with him, unknowing to him that we were following him. Guy, give me the gun make I shoot this guy.

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Goddy said.

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OBS: You have to chill first. We need to be sure of our target. He is still running and we might miss the target.

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Goddy: Guy, give me joor. You know how many times I don dey play COD?(Call of duty), arcade games and all sort of action video games on my lappy? Abeg give me that thing joor.

I handed over the gun to Goddy and to my surprise, he held the gun very well and boom! He shot at Bangrajan. Bangrajan looked back and shot towards our direction but unfortunately he missed. OTONDO! I shouted at Goddy. Gimme the thing joor. We increased our pace so we could catch up with him and when I could get a good view of Bangrajan, I aimed the first shot at him and boom! It got him and he fell down. We hurried to where he was thinking he was dead.

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We got close to his supposed dead body but what we heard was a cocking of a gun, then Gboom!

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