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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 2 – Episode 2

“A typical Ibadan man sprays all his money at a party and treks home”
19th of January was here! 9.10am, I was at the secretariat at Agodi putting on my NYSC Kit. I could see lots of familiar faces this time around unlike the previous time I was here. Some of the people who knew me started hailing me shouting OBS! OBS! I laughed and greeted each of them with the customary handshake. I inherited that name at the variety night when I performed a song for the OBS crew. We were all catching some good time together, discussing about the events that happened back in Kangere.

One of the guys started imitating the camp commandant, Captain Balal and how he walked with his walking stick and everyone bursted into laughter. Within minutes, we’ve created a scene whereby some corp members who camped in Kangere also joined us. When it was past 10am, the NYSC officials started arriving one by one. The office in-charge of the sharing of the posting letter was still empty. Everyone was standing in the sun waiting for them to answer us. About 15 minutes later, a woman showed up and she entered the office. She came out some minutes later with loads of files in her hands.

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Two corp members also assisted her in bringing out the rest of the files from the office. She shouted that everyone should please listen to their name as she will be calling the name. The woman was a typical Ibadan woman because the way she was pronouncing the name was in oyo accent. Everyone was laughing each time she calls the name and it got to a point she wanted to mention an Edo names, that was what scattered the whole place. LovethIgbinedion turned to LofetIgiedion! Chai! The woman don murder person name o. All the corp members there laughed really hard. Some people laughed hard to the extent that they were rolling on the bare floor with their whites. At that point, the woman said “ Oloribuunigbogbo yin” (All of you are mad) It is not you people’s fault. Na me unadey use dey laugh abi? Oya, make una come pick una file by una-self. We rushed to where she is and we started checking out for our files. It was getting rowdy already and the woman shouted again, do you want to tearing the files? Ehn! (See English) Ofo le se (you will all get wasted) we were all laughing. I got my file and I was shocked to see where I was being posted.

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