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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 2 – Episode 18

“The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works for 24 hours, 365 days, right from your birth until you fall in love. Then the foolishness starts”

I saw Goddy singing a song in his local dialect, thanking God with his phone in his hands. All I could do was to stand at a point, watching the drama that was being performed by Godwin.

Obs, Lateef don show! Godwin said.

Gerraheremehn. Today na 29 naa. I replied.

Check your phone. Godwin replied. Immediately I picked my phone and I saw a message from “UNIONBANK”, I was smiling, then I opened the message. Behold federal government has performed wonders. Allowy don show. I don see alert, Godwin! It was a good thing that we saw the alert this morning because we really don’t know what we were going to eat throughout today. Now I confirmed the truth behind the adage in the local palace that says “when you no get money, nah in hunger go dey fire you but when you have money, you won’t fill hungry. How true is that (Oya, make una start the debate). Goddy, I will advise we go for CDS first, then immediately after CDS, we will go to the bank, then from the bank to the market before going home. I told Goddy. Guy, forget that thing o. We gats cash that money first, chop better thing before we dey go for any CDS o.

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To hell with CDS! Goddy said. A hungry man is indeed an angry man. I had no choice but to agree with him but if only we knew, we would have gone for CDS first. It was past 8 already when we left our apartment, walking happily to the bus stop hoping aGood Samaritan would carry us to the bank along the road. Who says na only woman like taking lift? Corpers love it more!

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We got to the banking hall to meet just a not to long queue. We both filled the withdrawal slip and waited till it got to our turn. Goddy and I was at our able best cracking all sorts of jokes inside the bank. There was this middle aged man who was enjoying everybit of our show. The Unionbank officials was like “You this corpers, una don come again abi? Where is your withdrawal slip make we answer unajoor? One of them even asked if we both studied Comedy science in school. Everybody laughed. Few minutes later, we were done. I asked the security man for the way to the toilet and I quickly excused myself to visit the toilet. Na person wey chop nah in dey s–t. I had different plans. I actually went there to separate the money into different pocket. I’ve never done that before but I don’t know the spirit that led me there. Few minutes later, I was out of the toilet while Godwin and I strolled out of the bank to get abus then we saw a car parked beside us.

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When we checked who it was, we discovered it was the man we met some few minutes ago at the bank. Hey Funny Corpers, where are you guys heading to? The man asked. Acually sir, we are going to Academy. Come in. Let me drop you guys off. The man replied. Oga mi, thank you sir.

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Goddy said happily and he has already opened the back door. I was feeling somehow about the whole thing and I felt reluctant to go inside the car. Everything seems strange and it’s just like a play being replayed. Goddy dragged me inside the car and the man zoomed off. O boy, wetindey do you now? You no know say this man don save us N100 so? That one buy Kerosine now. Goddy whispered into my ears. The little traffic caused by the long trailers was really making me pissed off because we are late already. Few minutes later, Goddy and I was feeling sleepy and before I could think about what was happening, everything went black out.

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