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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 33]

My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp

My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp


To all those that usually occupy like 5 chairs, just to reserve seat for their friends during SAED lectures, I hope you now work in a restaurant where you make seat reservations for customers.

To all those guys that would occupy 2 chairs and when a fellow guy ask them for a seat, they will refuse but will gladly give the seat to a girl….I hope you are now married to the girl.

To all those who did “eye service” in camp and forming familiarity with the camp staffs and Soldiers in order to be posted to a good place for PPA….I hope you now work at Shell petroleum plc.

To all those who hustled for every post in camp-Platoon leader, social leader, sport leader, room leader, toilet leader…I hope you were finally retained in camp.

To those people wey carry parade for head, marching from morning till night screaming Prey shun!… I hope you have now been enlisted into the Nigerian Army.

To those who seriously paid attention to the SAED lectures…. I hope you still remember everything you were taught.

To those people who were forming O.B.O at mamee market that night after the first alowee was paid…. I hope you still have change (Not Buhari’s change)

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To those who suddenly don’t drink pure water (sachet water) again when they were in camp… I hope you are still consistent with buying bottled water.

To those girls forming posh in camp… I hope you have been able to attract Van vicker.

To those announcers at OBS, forming foreign accent, I hope you now broadcast 10’o clock news at channel TV.

To those people who stayed coded, observing on ghost mode…. I hail o
This is a beginning of another life after camp.

It’s my life experience AS A CORP MEMBER IN IBADAN

Seasone 2
Part 1

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“Ibadan people will have an accident, stand up, curse the driver, then fall down and die”
8th of January 2016 was the much awaited date most redeployed corpers in oyo state are waiting for. Eniola, the girl I sat with in the luxurious bus (on our way back home from camp) and I are always in close contact to know when we will get to Ibadan for another round of registration. Bibie, on the other hand has finally moved to Ibadan permanently. It seems some of her relatives are residing there also her camp boyfriend is now an oyocorper, so she’s got all the reasons why she should stay in Ibadan.

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Aside from my Uncle that stays in ibadan, I have no other person there. Although I spent 3 good years at the polytechnic Ibadan, only few of my friends are still there. I even heard some of them are married. Na wa o. I wonder what is still keeping me single.

I packed all things that are available for packing on the 8th of January. I never thought about where I would stay yet but I know as long as I am in Ibadan, I know my way. Se na Iwo road, monathan, Academy, Oremeji, Bodija, Sango, U.I, Apete, Idi Bere, Apata, name them. I don root all those places tire. So I know am in safe hands no matter what. I left my base in Ogun state at 7am, bidding my family and friends farewell to continue my NYSC adventure but this time, it will be my LIFE AS A CORP MEMBER IN IBADAN. I got to the NYSC secretariat at 10.10am. All the area was jam packed with corpers all wearing their NYSC kits. My OBS girls are still not in Ibadan yet.

They were given a different dates. Eka went back to AkwaIbom for her convocation while Jessica is still enjoying her break in Owerri.


By the time I was through with the registration, I was so tired that I couldn’t even remember the capital of Oyo state. We were told to come back for the collection of our posting letter in two weeks’ time. I had to move to my uncle’s house for the time being, pending the time the posting letter will be out. It has just been a normal routine of eating, sleeping, browsing and eating all through my time there. Ibadan was just boredom! During this period, Seyi and I talked on the phone virtually every day. She was still sad that she couldn’t see me ever since we left camp. She has virtually told all her friends and relatives about me. One of her relatives often call me “My in law’’ whenever we talk on phone and I was like “In law bawo”? (In TKM’s voice) According to Seyi, life as a corp member in Enugu (The coal city) doesn’t seems to be what she actually thought it would be and she really regret her decision picking that state.

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I had to encourage her and assure her that one of these days, she will come and spend some time with me and am sure Eka and Jessica would be very happy to see her.

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