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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 51

The state coordinator started addressing us at 5.00pm telling us all the things we need to know about the PPA, the things to expect and most importantly when we are going to get our relocation letter. After all the yigi-yaga discussion, we recited the NYSC anthem before he left the field. Alopay sent a text that there would be a meeting after the parade in one of the class. At 6.03pm, Nigeria slept and we all halted at our different locations. After that, Pelumi and I went to the class meant for the meeting. The meeting took over 45minutes.

Alopay addressed us, distributed the available Atm cards (because we were made to know that not all Atm card was available (the same problem with Platoon 1) our platoon officer also came to address us and he made mention of some guys writing petition against Alopay about Misappropriation of funds. Funny, isn’t it? I just dey laugh for my mind! Student can be very funny sha. Oga lagos aka the female ladies and Oga Aminu was also present in the meeting too: it was just like a planned work.

At the end of it all, a well wrapped gift was presented to the platoon officer, Oga lagos and Oga Aminu. I left there with Seyi’s cap at 6.50pm. Getting to the studio, the stage was set for the party. I rushed to the hostel to get my khaki jacket because of the cold. 7.20pm, I was back to the studio. We were told to make votes of best presenter, most jovial, most caring, most punctual, etc about 7 categories. Mrs. Gibson said the party would start by 7pm but the time is far spent already. Dafe was chose to anchor this night show which started 7.50pm.

We recited the NYSC anthem before Dafe handed over the Mic to the camp director, Mr T.K Shenge who welcomed everybody and also gave his word of appreciation. The next on the agenda is the issuance of the OBS certificate to the crew. Mr Abubakar took the Mic and he addressed us all. He handed over the Mic to the camp director who later passed the honour to the PRO Bauchi state. The PRO gave his speech by thanking us and hoping we have a wonderful evening. The certificate presentation started with the executives; Moses, Christy, Gbenga, Aminat, Jeremiah, Seun, Elijah, john, Umaru, Eka, Ayo (HOK), Nnoma, Jessica, Vicky, Adebisi (Female), Adebibi (Male), Tonye, Big Nonso, Oga Saviour, Ruth (Phonetic Ruth), Boniface, Silas, ME, Chameen, Afeez, Gold, Seyi, Precious, Henrietta, Nonso, Oyin, Dafe, Phyna. Mighty Mic was surprisingly given the certificate too. Ruth and Nonso (Big) just walked in. Dafe took the mic thereafter and the next on line is the presentation of gifts to the staffs. Awards were given to the camp PRO, Mrs Gibson, Mr Katings, the head of socials and mighty mic.

The head of man o war presented a bottle of wine to Mr. T.K Shenge. The officials left us at 8.10pm. The next in the program is the mimicking of each other. Gbenga mimicked Ekene, while Oga Saviour mimicked me. It was fun. Pepper soup and a can of malt were served afterwards the award time came.

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