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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 5

Everything is set yes, we are the flying corpers! Flying for the first time in our lives to a land where we’ve never been. Ugo’s wife Onyinye prepared a breakfast of fried plantain and egg for us before leaving. We got to the airport around 10; 42 and with the assistant of Aganga, we were able to check in as early as possible and we undergo several security checks before we were able to sit waiting anxiously till when our flight will be announced.

Ugo and I were gisting and I felt like looking around but my eyes caught a familiar face.

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This face look like Bibie, the girl from the Bauchi whatsapp group. I told Ugo that the girl sitting next to me was someone I knew but I was not sure. He told me to call her number and which I did, the same girl picked it up. My suspicion was right. Yes. It was Bibie.

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Immediately she picked I kept staring at her till she looked at me and laughed. We shake hands and discussed throughout till our flight was finally announced around 1:20pm. We lined up to the boarding line, then entered into a bus which convey us to the place where the aircraft was. We were searched before we finally got seated; little did we know that our bags that were outside won’t follow us. Bisola’s seat was toward the entrance ,(seat 16a) while I sat far away in the back ,seat 24a while Ugo was seating at the back seat by my right seat26a.

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The airplane took off by 2pm and being the first time ,the feeling was really strange .

It ran some kilometers before the plane finally got into the sky .During this period , an announcement was made that all passenger must make use of their seat belt and also put off their phones or put them on flight mode .

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I never knew that there was a pot hole in the sky too as the plane entered into gallop.

By this time, I was damn scared. I looked back and Ugo’s eyes met mine. From his face, I can see he was reading the Lord’s Prayer. He was so scared and he was putting on a weird smile which I can interpret to mean “Guy we don enter am o”.

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