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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 45


I woke up by 4.30am to go to the morning parade. My eye was heavy as I have only slept for 3hours. The morning drills was done and we were separated from the people involved in the parade. When I see that I had nothing to do, I called Ella. She has been avoiding me for some days now and I still don’t know what I have done wrong. We met and she gave me a flimsy excuse of seyi and I told her never to repeat that kind of statement again. We gisted for some minutes before we left for the mamee to get bean cake (Akara in the local palace) for the breakfast of bread and tea.

Nonso was back to his feet again. Thank God! I greeted everyone in the studio before going for my food. After eating, I went to the hostel to have my bath. We have already in our room that we would all snap a room picture this morning with our crested vest. In a matter of minutes, we were done. We went back to the room and started gisting. The trumpet was blown at 10.40am. It got blown late today and only God knows why. That signifies time for the lectures. I wonder what the lectures is all about today and I feel uninterested.

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I went to the studio, got a bed and I slept beside Victoria from 11.15am till 1.30pm. I felt hungry so I decided to visit Omolara’s restaurant to eat semo with egusi soup.

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After eating, I decided to go straight to the multipurpose hall to await the guys paying the allowy. Getting to the hall, the only figure I can see is Janelle. Janelle, talking about her still decided not to call or text me while I won’t do the same too. I was chatting with Ella and we were discussing Janelle and along the line she confessed she had feelings for me and that is why she has been avoiding me. I told her it doesn’t mean that we’re good to go as friends. Back to the multipurpose hall, the queue was not that much because the majority of the guys have gotten theirs yesterday.

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Within some minutes, I left the multipurpose hall straight to the studio. Dafe was ready to leave his lunch but I was filled already. Yam pottage was prepared and I don’t feel like eating anything whatsoever. I told that am not interested again that he should eat his food.

After some brief chat with Mighty Mic, I left for the hostel. And talking about Mighty Mic, he did something that shocked me today.

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This morning, he changed his D.P to Janelle’s picture. I was shocked and surprised! Where did they meet? Where did they get to know each other? What warranted mighty Mic to use her picture as his D.P? So many questions were running through my mind that needs a lot of answers. This same thing was what I discussed with Ella this morning but we could only assume things. Back to the studio, mighty asked if I know the girl and I told him that I know her very well. I left the studio straight to the hostel where I just rested a bit waiting patiently for 3pm for the D.L.C.F meeting that would be done at the mamee market.

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