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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 37


Getting to the studio this morning around past 8, I got some gist about how soldiers were punishing the corpers who failed to leave their hostels when the bugle was blown. Tonye was among the corpers who suffered in the hands of the camp commandant which I later discovered that his name was Captain A.B Balal.

The A.B stands for Abubakar Babangida.

You might not know him well but whenever you see any soldier with a walking stick, you better run for your life or do the needful. I couldn’t bath early today as usual because I woke up pretty late around 4.10am. I just changed before marching off to the parade ground.

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With the events that happened yesterday, guys trooped out in numbers. We were also delayed at the parade ground very well today as the jingle was sounded for breakfast at 8.55Pm.

Getting to the hostel, I fetched water, bath, washed my cardigan before setting out for the lectures around 10.30am. The lecture was as boring as I couldn’t help but to start dozing on the seat only wake up by 11.40am. I think that was all for the lectures. SAED class in the next thing on line! I got to the SAED class but Mr Agada, he designing and customizing coordinator was not around yet. After about 25 minutes, he showed up with his pair of dark glasses. He was looking different today.

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Spotting on a dark suit. He introduced to us a new topic i.e Opek printing, screen printing (which I know very well about). The class was interesting when I got to the stage of screen printing as so many questions was asked which made the class very much interactive. Landlord and his right hand man, Goddy the goddynator joined the class. The class was fun mehn.

Godwin and landlord were at their usual best throwing jabs at any slight opportunity.

At the end of it all, we had a practical which was done by Mr Agada. We wrote the attendance and everyone dismissed one by one. I was back to the hostel by 1.43pm, gisting with Chinedu the star man, Matthew the scanner and some of our roommate before Ugo, landlord and Goddy walked in. I felt like eating pounded yam this afternoon.

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The only sure place you can get that is Mama Amaka’s restaurant. I strolled down to her restaurant, ate a plate before going to the studion to eat a slice of yam pottage which was served as lunch in the kitchen. I am just looking forward to the second semi-final this evening at the Kangere international stadium.(yinmu)

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