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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 34


All through the night, I couldn’t get my mind off Seyi. I still don’t get what her motive was.

I woke up around after 5. I checked the football score line of yesterday’s game.

I was surprised to see Barcelona draw against Valencia. Well, we’re still on top.

I remembered watching the October 1st movie from Tope’s Ipad but I couldn’t complete it yester night. Landlord sef don wake up so we decided to watch the movie together. We watched till around 8.00am when I heard someone was looking for me. Checking who it was, it was Brother Johnson from the church fellowship who wants to remind me about the service this morning. I have forgotten sef.

I finished the movie with landlord before going for the service in room 13. The service took like 45minutes with just 3 of us. We had a brief sermon and prayer session. Getting back to my room, I dropped the bible and headed straight to the mamee market to shave my beards.

I got back after about an hour, went to the toilet, bath, and washed some clothes too.

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The guys in the room and I was discussing and gisting about things all around the world. Its 12.15pm, Ugo is not back from church yet. Let me see maybe I can get an hour sleep before going to the studio.

At 1.55pm, Ekene’s call woke me up. He called me to come over to the studio. We were served Jollof rice and fried chicken. But you will be surprised to see the long queue in the studio as most of the OBS members both active and the ghost members were all present. In fact, it was that day that I knew some as an OBS member. I just couldn’t stop laughing as different people keep trooping in to get their food. There was no light and they are yet to fix the generator. The platoon games kicked off around 4.30pm. The game went on well and it ended around 6.05pm. Nonso covered the volleyball game between Bibie’s platoon and one other platoon like that. At the end of it all, Bibie’s platoon lost the game on a 2set to one. Platoon 9 won the football game also with a 2goal win. Thinking about the social night, my mind skipped. But can I say am afraid of crowd?

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Let’s see. At 6.30pm, we started the sport panorama show and it ended by 7.20pm.

I made sure nothing was weighing me down so I had to light up my spirit ahead of tonight’s show. That is the first time I will be facing the crowd and at a social night for that matter, there is no room for failure or a bleep up. The dinner was served. I later discovered that Adebisi will be my partner for tonight.

She couldn’t eat. She told me she was tensed and afraid. I cheered her up and we went to the multipurpose hall together. People didn’t turn up much for tonight’s show. The show started by 8.05pm and I didn’t know where the courage and boldness came from. I took charge of the show while Adebisi was by my side giving her own little contributions too.

I bought 3 recharge cards which we called out for the audience to load. Platoon 8 came in with their dance performance which lasted for like 15 minutes. It wasn’t easy getting the attention of the audience as I kept shouting “corper wee” on top of my voice.

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I was sweating profusely under my cap, even my palm was wet upon the hand gloves I put on. I cracked some jokes too to make the atmosphere lively while Adebisi was just a spectator. She only does the card calling. It got to a certain stage that I couldn’t get the attention of the audience, I had to change my voice to a female like voice and they were all amazed. Some looked straight up while others clapped. By 9.15pm, we were done with the social night. To me, it was crappy but mighty mic commended me that I killed the show, (For his mind abi?) Getting back to my room, chinedu, the star boy commended me for a great show. Ugo was asleep already. What a day!

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