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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 26

The lectures we had today were based on entrepreneurship development but the hall was so full so I had to stay outside, along the platoon 6 lane. Ella called me to know where I am and I told her am at the same spot we stood yesterday. We chatted all through the period of the entrepreneurship lecture under the hot sun. Am really enjoying her company as we were free with each other discussing so many things like camp, guys in camp, her interest, the guys disturbing her, etc

The entrepreneurship lecture ended around 1.05pm and everyone was happy and they had to rush out of the hall and straight to their various hostel. I did some washing before going to the kitchen to get the yam porridge that was served this afternoon. After having the lunch, the trumpet was blown for evening drill and the platoon games. The OBS Studio was dry following the incident that happened in the studio this morning with the soldier man.

Mighty mic came around and everyone reported the incidence to him and he said the matter would be reported to the camp director, T.K Shenge. We headed out and were surprised that the soldiers were out already for the evening drills. I separated myself from the guys on the volleyball drills. I approached captain Aminu that I won’t be able to join the drills because I have to report the evening events for the OBS. After the whole 90mins has been played, the game between platoon 5 and my platoon, platoon 6 ended in a 1-1 draw which eventually ends in a penalty shoot-out which was won by platoon 5 by 4-3.

We left for the studio immediately and for the first time; I anchored the sport update show.

Nonso later came around and we had a great show together. Heading back to the hostel, I met my guys outside the hostel; they were gisting in front of the girl’s hostel.

The landlord is a major culprit though; you can never trust that guy. Tuwo and okro was the combination for the night and since I couldn’t eat that, I went to mama Amaka’s restaurant where I was later joined by Ugo and Margret, the new friend I just made from the whatsapp group. The social night was anchored by Ekene and Jessica and it didn’t have much action like the previous night. By 9.25pm, the show was done and we all headed back to our hostel where we all talked and gisted till we all slept off.

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