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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 1 – Episode 24


Ifeoma and Moses, our manager was the two people that anchored the show. The NYSC officials that was on sit was introduced before the show was commenced. The Yoruba traditional dancers were the first to come in to the stage. They danced and sang in their traditional western attire. After a round of applause from the excited crowd, the Hausas were called on to the stage and I must confess.

Their dancing step was unique. We were all enjoying the show when suddenly NEPA took the light. Everybody shouted and within minutes, the light was restored back and hostilities resumed back as usual.

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The igbo dancers came on stage and everyone was amazed by their traditional attire which was colorful and beautiful. I must confess tonight’s social night was the best I have ever witnessed. The performance of the igbo dance group was extremely fantastic. At the later end of the show, a poster was being raised showing “WAZOBIA” and each dance group came together to prove this. The next was the short drama piece which was performed by platoon 9. The drama was about corpers being posted to Yobe and different parent’s reaction to the news. After the service, the so called corpers came back to their parents successfully hale and hearty. I just pray this drama happens in real life because no life must be lost. The rate of insecurity right here in Kangere and Yobe is not funny at all.

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The next and the last thing to be done for the night were dance, dance, and dance. Janelle called to ask about my whereabouts and we met under the tree in front of the hall. My mood is still on a low so I couldn’t continue with the discussion as I wanted. It’s been a mixed day for me. The little time I spent in discussing with Ella really helped in brighten me up abit.

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It helped lighten up my heavy heart. How I wish Janelle knows how I feel about her… Ugo on the other hand couldn’t come to the room as at 9.55pm. By the time he got back to the room, an eviction letter has been written and dropped on his bed but he redeemed himself has he bought a lot of Suya for everyone in the room to eat. It’s been a long and interesting day, but was it adventurous like I wanted?

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