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My Mother’s Pain – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]



episode 6



It had been a very hectic day for anna.after going from hall to hall for lectures,she felt tired and weak plus she had been waiting for a bus for almost half an hour nw bt none was forthcoming.who ever said going to school from home was easy.she was still standing wen a car pulled up in front of her and a handsome guy walked out.

Abel:where are u off to?i can gve u a ride. anna:no tanks.i’ll wait 4 a bus. abel:i wnt bite damsel.i just want to help.dere are lots of cultists around here. having no choice,she reluctantly entered the car.

Abel :am abel onuoha nd u damsel?

Anna : annabelle richards.tnx 4 ride.

Abel :u’re welcome it seems av seen u b4. are u a student of covenant uni? anna:yes.100lv medicine and surgery. abel:i knew it.i saw u at d dean’s also a med student bt 2nd year. soon abel who was very funny was making anna laugh like mad.they were chatting and laughing like old frnds. when they got to max’s house,dey exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet the next day at school

The d-day for abel and anna to meet arrived and they decided to meet at d school cafeteria. after ordering 4 soft drinks nd settling down,they began to tell each oda abt demselves,their families,frnds and even relationships.she found out that abel’s parents were very rich bt divorced so he stayed on his own.

Abel :xo u mean to tell me u’ve neva had a boifrnd b4?

Anna :yea.i dnt av time 4 dat yet or mayb i have’nt fallen yet.

Abel :wow!av had six relationships nw and am in d seventh 1 even though i dnt luv d gal.

Anna :u dnt love her?xo y den are u wit her? abel:xo she can let me be.she’s been stalking me for months begging me to date her. anna:ha!by force love. they continued chatting until anna decided to go home. theresa had asked her to come home early.

** At the shop,theresa was deep in thoughts.she was tinking of a way to hide anna from romanus.

when anna had first told her she would stay in skul, she was against it bt now she had to be for it totally if only to keep anna from romanus and his evil schemes.

Watch out for part 2 coming up this weekend


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