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My Mother’s Pain – Season 1 – Episode 5




episode 5

After cleaning d shop,she offered him a seat and a can of malt.

theresa:y are u here?hw did u find us?

felix:one question at a time. theresa:pls b fast and leave.

felix:y are u still like this?its been seventeen yrs already.its time to return.

theresa:return 2 where nd to whom?

felix:to return home to ur husband and kids.

theresa:never! go and tell romanus that i wnt return.nt after what he did to me and our week old daughter.

felix:tess he regrets it.he’s currently paralyzed 7 and d kids are having a hard time.pls c-m back.

Theresa :pls leave and dnt tell anyone u saw me or else i’ll take my daughter and leave. seeing that she would nt change her mind, felix decided to leave.afterall his men were already watching her every move and even that of Anna.

Immediately felix left,theresa closed the shop and headed home quickly. as soon as she was safe in d confines of her room,she broke down in tears.seeing felix again reminded her of the painful past she had been running from and now it was back






Theresa stood in her white wedding gown facing d mirror with tears in her eyes. for oda ladies,this wuld av bin d most happiest day of their life bt 4 her, it was the saddest.she was being forced to marry romanus by zw her parents because he was rich.”whats d use of crying nw?” she had asked as she walked down the aisle, hand in hand with her husband.


two months after d wedding,she was found to be with child and out of joy, romanus threw a lavish feast. another lavish feast was thrown when romanus jnr was born.

romanus treated theresa like a queen and she had began to love him. two yrs later, prisca was born and she became romanus’ favourite. he did evrytin to pls her. however when she was pregnant with anna, she found romanus fondling four yr old. as if that was nt enough, he brought his lover home and forced theresa to serve her. he wuld often beat up and rape pregnant theresa,thus forcing her to put to birth prematurely. he turned into a cruel man who threw his wife and baby out in the rain





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