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My Mother’s Pain – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4



When they had packed all of their belongings out of Dallas’ house, they boarded a taxi.


Anna:  mum where will we go nw? we have no money.

Theresa : dnt worry.ur uncle max has agreed to let us stay in his boys quarters until we get on our feet. Anna :and his wife agreed?

Theresa :yes as long as we stay out of the main house and dont eat their food or ask for any more help. Anna :that witch. its bcuz of her wickedness that she is still can she prevent your own brother from helping you?

Theresa : Anna dnt talk like that. anyways max has agreed to sponsor ur education secretly and also start a business for me.

Anna :s chool again?mum i dont want to go.


Theresa : you must o.u will nt waste ur brilliance.



*** a week later***


life seemed to have gotten a little better for Theresa and her daughter until she saw felix outside of her shop,waiting for her. she tried to hide bt it was too late as he had already seen her. as she walked to where he was, she wondered what he could possibly want after seventeen years




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