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My Mother’s Pain – Season 1 – Episode 3


Theresa came home and met Dallas sitting in front of the tv as usual wit a stick of cigarrette. she greeted him and made to pass but he held her hand and pulled her back.

Dallas :my mum called me today.she’s bringing a new wife for me.i think its time u and that daughter of yours leave. afterall u both are useless to me.

Theresa : dallas! u are throwing us out after five years?

Dalla s: i dnt av time to argue.leave immediately. without uttering anoda word,she left to go and pack her things.

meanwhile Anna who had been eavesdropping decided to keep the rape from her mother who now had to find a new home for both of them.she just packed her things and waited for her mother to come. While she was waiting 4 her mother, Dallas walked in smiling evily.

Anna : what do u want again?

Dallas :u dnt av to leave u knw.u culd stay here and b hapi wit me.

Anna :now i knw u are a total nutcase bt nt to worry.i promise that my God will pay you back in us own coin.u took my innocence away and for that u will cry a river.


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