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My Mother’s Pain – Season 1 – Episode 2

episode 2

Theresa left the house to visit a friend and since there was nothing to do in the house, Anna decided to sleep. she was already deep in2 drmland when she felt a hand roaming around her body. the hand stopped at her thighs and was about to raise her dress when she opened her eyes and practically flew out of the bed.

Anna :are u crazy?what are u doing here?

dallas:shh.calm down.ur mum is’nt home yet.lets take advantage of that and enjoy ourselves.

Anna :u must be mad to tink i’ll do anytin wit u.u disgusting pig.get out of my room. she tried opening the door bt it was locked.she froze.

Anna :pls dnt do dis…let me out pls.

Dallas :nt wen am so close to having u baby.i promise u’ll enjoy it so much dat u’ll beg for more.

Anna :no please.i really dont want this.i beg of u let me go. she cried and begged bt his mind was already made up.he took off all his clothes and drew her close to him.she screamed as he parted her thighs and tore her pants.she scqeamed in pain when she felt his huge member penetrate her.


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