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My Mother’s Pain – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

My mother’s pain

My mother’s pain

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Story Title: My Mother’s Pain

Episodes: 6

Category: 18+ 

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Anna: mum,i dont understand why you are forcing me to go to school?i told you i have no interest. theresa: i don’t care what you say. you are going to that school cause my money will not waste..

Theresa walked out and banged the door loudly. anna sighed and sat on the bed. she could’nt just get her mother at times. In truth, Anna had been dreaming of going to school to become a surgeon but what good would that be when her success would be the cause of her mother’s death….g.

Going to school would mean their continued living with the monster her mother called husband, everynight she had to sleep with her headphones r so she could drown the muffled scream of her mother who was being beaten up by that monster and in the day she had avoid him at all cost because he had been trying to get her to sleep with him for three years now. How then could let him pay her fees while her mother suffered at his hands daily.

NO WAY! She screamed in her mind.they had to leave quickly x and in one piece as they came and not in pieces




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