My Mother Is A Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 9

Mama had made the most terrible mistake of her life. Her husband is an impotent man. ‘Please
cover my nakedness, I’m not a real man,’ Sgt Musa begged mama as she insisted he either make her a woman or she leaves. Mama wept all through the night. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you
are not complete before taking me to the registry?You are a wicked man, you’re self-centered
and evil.’ Mama rained insults on her impotent husband. ‘I know I have offended you my love but
please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I have never told anybody about my challenge
except my mum.’ He was on his knees all through the night begging mama.

What a trial of faith for a woman of faith.

If mama is your sister what will you advice her to do after sacrificially fighting all her life to keep her virginity for her husband? Now her husband has
no hand to take the special gift from his wife. This is a case of giving out a precious gift to a
man whose hands are amputated and giving nothing to a man whose hands are willing to
receive the gift. The case of mama and her husband was like giving meat to a toothless dog.

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As a good christian what will mama do after keeping herself all these years only to marry to a man who deceived her into marriage; an impotent man who cannot do to his wife what other men do to their wives in their inner chamber.

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Should she walk away on the basis that he lied to her or on the basis that he is an impotent man? Or she should stay with her husband and keep trusting God for a miracle? Don’t forget mama is already 45 and approaching menopause.

If she walks away can she remarry?

Sgt Musa did not allow mama to lack anything. Before she asked, he had provided. He had a
large savings because he was the last born of his family and he had no one to cater for. His
siblings were comfortable and could take care of their aged parents without asking him for any contribution.

He gave mama a good life but she was not a fulfilled woman.

The good life meant
nothing to mama without a future. Her life was more miserable than when she was in jail. The emotional trauma began to steal her joy of salvation.

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Mama who used to be a vibrant Christian became lukewarm. The pride of her virginity became worthless and useless. Mama’s life was a summary of calamities in calamities.
Will mama backslide?

Will she walkaway?

Will she stay by her husband?

What is her hope in this marriage?

Who did mama offended? Why is she always entering into trouble?

Why did God allow her marry an impotent man after years of right standing?

Many unanswered questions
Are you guys feeling the story at all?#Ola

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