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My Mother Is A Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 8

After a week of their wedding mama was still a virgin. Her husband had not had time to touch her and make her a woman. Mama was a novice and was indifferent too.

She had nooneclose to her who could guide her on what is expected of husband and wife. Only Mrs. Bala kept
checking on mama. Those visits were too short for her to notice her daughter is still a virgin after weeks of her marriage.

All the time Mrs. Bala visited she never met mama’s husband at
home. The last visit that broke the camel’s back was seven weeks after. Mama became worried
that her husband had not touched her after seven weeks but she lacked the courage to confide
in her god mother.

‘I would have invited you as one of our guest speakers in our annual retreat organized for
deportees but you don’t need much stress now at this time, Mrs. Bala told mama.’ But what stress is in speaking to people? Mama replied.

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Mrs.Bala gave her a strange look; she looked straight into her eyes,touched her by the shoulder and asked “aren’t you feeling different in your body?” Mrs.Bala was trying to investigate if mama was already pregnant. ‘Feeling how ma?’
Mama asked.

Then Mrs. Bala asked “are you pregnant?”.Mama paused for some seconds and replied with a heavy sigh. ‘Why did you sigh that way? Is anything the matter Funmi? You know you can confide in me,’ Mrs. Bala told mama. Instead of her words to explain her predicament,
her tears did it. Mama busted into tears, Mrs. Bala came close, ‘tell me my daughter was is it?’

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My husband has not touched me since we got married; in fact I’m still a virgin.Mrs.Bala
screamed in amazement,’ what? She immediately controlled her emotions and began to ask
mama some questions.’
Mrs. Bala gave mama an hour lecture and prepared her to make the first move when her
husband returned back from work that night. Likeshewastaught, she prepared his favourite
meal and got him to take a cold shower after meal. Their bedroom was decorated with a nice
fragrance with the bed looking attractive.

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Sgt Musa thought it was as usual as he climbed the bed to sleep then mama dragged him close to her and whispered to him “make me a woman.” In
shock and confusion, Oga was speechless. But the handwriting on mama’s face showed she won’t take a no for an answer today. Mama did all Mrs. Bala taught her but her husband was not responding.

All her efforts didn’t yield any positive result that night. Mama went to bed still a

Life is full of irony. Here is a woman whom men had begged and forced into having sex with them all her life begging her own husband to make love to her after several weeks of her wedding.

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It was difficult for mama to explain to Mrs. Bala what transpired between herself and
her husband after the one hour lecture given to her. Her virginity she kept and fought for all her life is now useless. The virginity she kept as a surprise gift for her husband on her wedding night is being rejected by the man she kept it for. The same virginity that cost Bayo his life what an irony.

The price mama paid on her virginity became worthless. Her years of suffering in jail
began to cause her pain. Maybe I should have given it to those who desperately desired it’, mama thought.

What is happening to mama’s husband?
Why has he not taken the gift kept for him for many years?

What is the value of virginity to a married woman?

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