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My Mother Is A Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 7

Every young man and woman reading this story must learn not to go into marriage with anyone without knowing his/her people no matter how much in love they are.

Mama never wanted to
take Sgt Musa to her village because of the story that surrounded her life’s journey, neither was Sgt Musa also interested in taking mama to his people because there was something he was hiding.

Their lives were like two cows of the same colour finding each other. Mama didn’t bother about Sgt Musa’s people neither was Sgt Musa interested in mama’s people. General Fayemi
became the bride’s father and the groom’s father at the same time. Mrs. Bala stood for mama
as a mother.

It wasn’t a loud wedding. From the registry to a mini-reception at the officers’ mess. Few
soldiers and some friends were in attendance and within two hours it was all over.

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Typical of the
military, Sgt Musa was on duty on the night of his wedding. He did not give the army a formal
notice of his wedding because he never wanted a big wedding.

Another lesson I want all my sisters reading mama’s story to learn is to beware of men who are wealthy but choose to have a quiet wedding. I had asked several questions why mama had to go through all that she went through in life.

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Why do good people suffer while bad people get a better lot in life. Mama is too nice to undergo all the sufferings she went through, coupled with the fact that she is now born again. Is it a crime to be chaste?Is it a crime to want to keep your virginity for your husband? What could mama have done wrong?

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By 7 pm on their wedding day Sgt Musa was already kitted in his army uniform getting ready for work.

Mama protested mildly, I thought we should be together today being our wedding day?’
‘Haaa, Mrs. Musa Funmilayo, this is military work and you will soon get used to it.’ Before mama could argue further her husband was gone. Of course it wasn’t a big deal to mama. By the time Sgt Musa came back the following morning tiredness and fatigue was written all over him. What
will you take for breakfast, mama asked her husband. He barely answered when he suddenly slept off.

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Life is just unfair to some people. Some are not been rewarded for being good while some seem to get away with the evil they do. If anybody should not suffer in life, it should be mama but it was only a wish. She had wasted over two decades behind bars. She married at the age her mates had stopped given birth just because she wanted to do what was right before God and
man. Other ladies who threw away their dignity for a meager price are doing well. What has mama done wrong? Mama’s marriage is a definition of “from frying pan to fire”.

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