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My Mother Is A Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 6

Mama found favour through the help of Mrs. Bala and she was released at 43. Mama spent 21 years in prison instead of 25years. As at this time her beauty had depreciated due to age and what’s he went through in prison. But at 43 mama was still a virgin, she kept her promise.

The shame of what happened in the village that led to mama’s imprisonment did not allow her to return to the village. After a year in prison, no one from her clan visited her. She lost contact with
her family and the people of Adale village.
Mrs. Bala became the angel in mama’s life journey.

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Mrs. Bala took mama to Lagos and got her a job as a house help in general Fayemi’s house. Mama couldn’t get a better job for lack of education even though the prison had shaped her and she could speak fluently but she can hardly read or write.

Everyone in General Fayemi’s house loved mama because her lifestyle was
just different-so dedicated to her work, very prayerful and full of life.

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In general Fayemi’s house, mama met a Sergeant who had an eye on her.

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Sergeant Musa was one of general’s boys who were newly posted to Lagos from Bauchi. Sgt Musa was a perfect
gentleman that was not married even in his mid-forties.

One thing led to the other and they both started seeing each other.

Mama as was her practice, had told Sgt Musa ‘NO SEX UNTIL OUR WEDDING DAY.’ ‘I am a Christian as well and I know fornication is a sin against God. Having a sexless relationship is a
deal’. Sgt Musa assured mama. For his gentility and uprightness, mama fell in love with Sgt Musa.

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All the men she had met all her life had at one point or the other attempted to take
advantage of her but Musa was different.

Because of their age, both Sgt Musa and mama didn’t have a prolonged courtship. Within three
months, they began to make plans to settle down as husband and wife. Mama was about
making another mistake of her life. What mistake is that? Let’s see in the next episode.

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