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My Mother Is A Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 2

After my mother dropped out from school, she met Bayo, a guy who fell in love with her and was
ready to everything for her in order to have her. Bayo was a successful electrician who
worked for both government parastatals and multi-national companies. He was one of the most
popular guys in the village because he had what it takes to attract such popularity. He was
handsome, tall, well-to-do and hails from a good family. Not too many women could turn down his
offer for a relationship. Infact mama said she was shocked when he asked her out considering
the numerous sophisticated ladies that flocked around him. My mother’s inferiority complex did
not let her accept Bayo’s proposal for months. She eventually agreed to date him with a strong

Of course Bayo was from Adale village too and he
knew the custom. They dated for a year and half without touching each other. No hugging, no
kissing, no bodily contact etc.

Bayo became a poverty alleviation agent for my mother for a year and half until his friends began
to instigate him against mama. You have a beautiful girl like this and you have never tasted her
before, all your investment will go down the drain if you discover she has been eaten by other men on your wedding night.

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By this time, my mother had become more beautiful and after because Bayo had polished her with money. Other ladies in the village who wanted Bayo
became jealous of her and began to also plan for her downfall.

Two forces worked against her, pressure from Bayo’s friends to take advance of her and jealousy from other village girls. Will my mother survive this conspiracy? Hmmmm.

Tola and Mosun had planned with Taju and his friends to rape my mother. ‘If you succeed, we will pay each of you N5000, ‘Tola and Mosun promised Taju and his friends. ‘Consider it done.’

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Taju and his friends assured the two ladies. Tola and Mosun were secret admirers of Bayo who
saw my mother as an obstacle to their dream of having Bayo. They planned and join forces
together to take my mother out of their way. On the day they were to carryout their plan, they had la!d ambush for my mother having heard she will be going to the market. Six boys together with Taju had waited for her under a banana
plantation between the village square and the market road. The informant gave an accurate
information about mama’s movement but like the Yoruba people will say “the wall has ears.”

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They didn’t know Fola overheard them in one of their conversations on how to carryout their plan of rape on mama. She had rushed home to inform her father about their plans and he began to monitor their movement, and eventually trailed them to the scene of the proposed atrocity.

They didn’t wait for too long when mama showed up. Taju as the gang leader was the one who stood on her way, where do you think you are going? ‘He harassed her.’ What sort of question is
that? ‘Mama asked. Before she could say anything again Taju had carried her like a baby to meet his gang members at the banana plantation. She screamed but no one heard her. ‘Today,
the end has come to all your pride in this village, they chorused at her. ”What have I done to you people, leave me and let me go…. ‘She begged but all to no avail as they went for her clothes.

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While they attempted to tear her clothes, Fola’s father appeared like a magician, he was able to
arrest three of the gang members while the others escaped.

Thanks to Fola and her father who saved mama from rape. Mama escaped the plan of her enemies that day.

The story just began…..

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