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My Mother Inlaw Rival – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

My Mother Inlaw Rival

My Mother Inlaw Rival

Episode 1

It is now 3 days that Shola as went to her in-law’s house but what she saw there never scape through her mind. She tried many times to forget each and everything but her mind doesn’t allow her to. Tunde is the name of her husband, they met during their NYSC day, Tunde is the only child of his mother, his father had 2 wives, his mother is the first, his father go for another woman when Tunde’s mother was unable to gave birth after Tunde, the second wife gave birth to 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. The first born was named Ope which was known to be a promising child, she was just 17 years old when she got pregnant in which her mother suggest she should go for an abortion while her father Mr. Olaosebikan insist she must keep the babe even though her husband is small like her. Mr. Olaosebikan gave them one of his houses which he furnishes for them and that was how Ope and his husband started living together at the age of 18 and 20.

The second wife of Tunde’s father Yetunde was a full business woman, she doesn’t stay home and most of the time she’s always on a business trip! Today Kaduna tomorrow Germany and anytime she want to travel, she don’t leave her 2 remaining children in the house, they normally travel together. Mr. Olaosebikan has complained several times about this travelling of a thing will affect the children’s education but she told them they don’t need education since she has money and business they will inherit when its time.

While Tunde’s mother is a full house wife, she doesn’t work probably because she’s not educated more of the reason she always motion Tunde to face his studies. Mr. Olaosebikan has retired from being a business man and Tunde is the one managing his company for the time being.

During Shola and Tunde’s courtship, Shola has not for ones met Yetunde and her children, Sola is the second child of her parent. Her parent were pauper when they gave birth to her but immediately she was born, things started to change for them. It was on her naming ceremony that they got to know Sola is a powerful child, no evil can befall her but. She has just a problem and the problem is madness after birth, Sola’s parent were sad about this but the pastor told them after she gave birth to her first child the calamity will go. So throughout Sola’s living, she doesn’t fall sick nor gave her parent problem all through her education life. Her parent doesn’t spend a dime, it is a helper out there that always help them financially, she’s as well brilliant but whenever her parent remember the only problem she has, they would felt sad.

When Sola has grown old her parent always advice her not to be in rush! They did not tell her the reason they ask her not to be in rush which she did not know about as well but when she finally marry, the only thing her parent do was to keep praying hopefully the madness will not come to past.

Shola has this power to know wicked people or people that has skeleton in there cupboard merely by seeing them and such people she abstay from them. So after 2 years of courtship, Tunde and Shola decided to get married but on the wedding day, Yetunde and her children were not around so she’s unable to meet them yet again. Her mind keeps telling her she must know her mother in-law rival before she gave birth. So after their wedding they decided to give them a thank you visit. Yetunde and her children was just back home from one of their trip when Shola and Tunde arrive into the house.

After so much greetings from Tunde’s father and mother, Yetunde came out of the room to congratulate them and as she step out, Shola saw the wicked sign on her head and since then, she couldn’t feel comfortable anymore in the house as she told Tunde to let them leave. Tunde thought she was joking until he saw the seriousness on her face and after some minutes, they left there and as they left, Yetunde went to her room and think she notice the uneasyness on Shola’s face when she saw her. She decided to know the type of person she is. She wanted to bring her viewing calabash and as she open the door of her wardrobe where she kept the viewing calabash, her son Seun enters the room. She quickly close the door and summoned him to go out that she want to rest and when her son left, she thought she couldn’t check whom shola is until all of them go out. She was deep in thought as she slept off.

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