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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 9

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Daniel was in his room working out,when Anna came in unexpectedly and touched him,he stood up immediately and asked her.

Daniel: what is it?

Anna: let’s hang out.

Daniel: am sorry.

Anna: why?

Daniel: we can’t anymore, focus on your relationship with Chris from now on,I’ll be leaving the house soon anyway.

Anna: Danny why are you like this now?

Daniel: like what?

Anna: don’t tell me you want to stop our friendship.

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Daniel: that’s exactly what i want.

Anna: but i don’t want that.

Daniel: that’s not my business.

Anna: how could you?

Daniel: what is it? You’ll be happy with Chris, isn’t that what you wanted ?

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Anna: but you are……….


Daniel: i want to dress up,i would like it if you will excuse me.

Anna: am not going anywhere.

Daniel: okay then,I’ll just go and change in the bathroom. (He took his clothes and left The room while couldn’t help it so she started to cry.)

Patricia was busy typing down some things with her system, she asked Anna to get her water to drink,Anna came back with the water looking sad,so Patricia decided to ask the reason for the sad face.

Patricia: what is wrong with you?

Anna: nothing mam.

Patricia: don’t tell me that. What happened?.

Anna: I’ll get over it.

Patricia: i insist that you tell me.

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Anna: Daniel doesn’t want to talk to me anymore (starts crying)

Patricia: why? Did you do anything wrong?

Anna: i think that its because am dating Chris.

Patricia: then forget Daniel and continue with Chris.

Anna: i can’t..

Patricia: what?

Anna: i can’t forget Daniel


Patricia: do him?

Anna: no that’s not it.

Patricia: you love him.

Anna: Chris said that he broke up with Tina.

Patricia: he didn’t, why did you believe that trash?

Anna: i didn’t know.

Patricia: now do as i say, break up with Chris and continue with Daniel if he makes you happy…………….

To be continued

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