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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 8

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Two weeks later

Daniel was in the sitting room,he was sitting down on the sofa with his legs crossed,he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t know when Tina came in, she stood there for a while and then tapped him and he immediately got himself turned and asked her.

Daniel: what is it?.

Tina: is your brother around?

Daniel: how would i know?

Tina: you’re supposed to know.

Daniel: why?

Tina: cause he is your brother.

Daniel: i don’t know where he is.

Tina:so stupid.

Daniel:(stood up) what did you just say?

Tina: you heard me.

Daniel: I’ll just pretend like i didn’t hear that.

Tina: do what you want.

Daniel: you’re crossing the line.

Tina: and so what?

Daniel: just live.

Tina: no

Daniel: get out or I’ll be forced to push you out.

Tina:(laughs) in your dreams.

Daniel: okay then (he pushed her to the door and pushed her out,she just kept on cursing him before she finally left.

Few minutes after she left,Anna came back home from the market and told him.

Anna: i met Tina on my way in.

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Daniel: and so what?

Anna: are you guys starting over?

Daniel: start over with a girl that is dating my brother?

Anna: they’ve broke up.

Daniel: am sorry to say this but you’re stupid, i never noticed it.

Anna: what?

Daniel: i never thought about you this way,but i think you aren’t with your senses.

Anna: Daniel?

Daniel: think about this one more time and break up with him before its too late.

Anna: why?

Daniel: to be sincere, i never thought about this relationship, i only wanted you to spend a little time with the person you loved,but you over did it,i know you don’t love me and never will but at least don’t date my brother, break up with him.

Anna: i don’t want to, let’s start our friendship over, i promise to make up by spending enough time with you.

Daniel: stop changing the topic.

Anna: let’s not talk about this anymore please.

Daniel: okay then,but you just made a promise and you’ll keep it.

Anna: do you want us to start now?

Daniel: let me help you out in the kitchen.

Anna: alright then.

Daniel: Ann.

Anna: what is it?

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Daniel: Tomorrow is my birthday.

Anna: wow, so you’re gonna celebrate it?

Daniel: i don’t think so.

Anna: don’t worry, we’ll celebrate it together.

Daniel: thanks( he held her hand and they went inside the kitchen together)

The next day

Chris came home and met Daniel and Anna having fun together, he walked close to them and asked Anna.

Chris: are you dating me or my brother?

Anna: what do you mean?

Chris: i called you to come over to the company and you said that you’re busy but you’re here having fun with my brother.

Anna: today is his birthday.

Chris: and so what? Is his birthday more important than me?

Anna: what has come over you? Is he not your brother?

Chris: he is my brother, not yours.

Daniel: am sorry for coming between the both of you, thanks Anna (he went into his room)

Chris: if this continues,it will be either you chose me or my brother.

Anna: that’s so rude of you.

Chris: i won’t warn you again (went into his room and Anna sat down still unhappy)…


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