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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 7

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Anna came back with Daniel in the evening that day,he dropped her at home and told her that he needs to go to the company, and Anna so blinded by love believed it,she went in and met Daniel sitting down and as usual busy with his phone,she wanted to go up to her room when Daniel asked her.

Daniel: how was the date?

Anna: it was okay and you won’t believe this.

Daniel: believe what?

Anna: we’re now dating.

Daniel: what?!

Anna: isn’t that sweet?

Daniel: what of Tina?

Anna: yeah, they broke up.

Daniel: Ann did he tell you that?

Anna: yeah.

Daniel: that’s a lie.

Anna: i don’t need that now


Daniel: i know my brother alright.

Anna: this is your opportunity to go back to Tina, i can’t hate your brother just because you hate him.

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Daniel: are you taking his side now?

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Anna: am not taking anyone’s side okay.

Daniel: please just think about this Ann.

Anna: he’s my guy and that’s final.(storms out)

Daniel:( picks up his phone and calls Chris) where are you?

Chris: why are you asking?

Daniel: just tell me where you are,we have something to discuss.

Chris: come over to Tina’s place then.

Daniel: okay (cuts the call and left the house)

He arrived at Tina’s place some minutes later,and met Tina’s father while going in,he told him.

Anthony: your brother is in there.

Daniel: i know sir.

Anthony: okay then ( Daniel walked in,and pushed Tina’s door open and said to Chris


Daniel: how can you do such a thing?

Chris: do what?

Daniel: how can you date two girls at a time?

Tina: what?

Daniel: your guy is dating our house help.

Tina: what the hell do you mean by that?

Chris: Tina you know that he has always wanted you back?

Tina: yeah.

Chris: he probably made this up.

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Daniel: you can deceive other girls but don’t do it to Ann.

Chris: i don’t have anything to do with the lowlife b—h.

Tina: Daniel i really don’t want you back.

Daniel: do i look like i still love you?

Tina: yes you do so live my place. Read and digest more interesting and lovely stories from Topster-Stories App

Daniel: i don’t have your time, Chris if you do anything stupid, i won’t tolerate it this time around.

Chris: live please.

Daniel: okay then (storms out)

He went back home and still tried to talk with Ann but she didn’t listen to him.

Daniel: if anything happens to you, i won’t be there for you.


do you have feelings for me?

Daniel: and what if i do?

Anna: just get rid of it,cause it can never work between us,we’re just friends.

Daniel: i really won’t be there (he left her room)…….


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