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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 6

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Chris came out of his room,he noticed that his brother was not around but he heard some noise in the kitchen, so he went in to check who it was,on reaching there he saw Anna preparing lunch,he stood there looking at her, he kept on looking at her

like someone who was lost in his thoughts that he didn’t know when Daniel came in and touched him from behind and asked.

Daniel: do you love her too?

Chris: (turns immediately) what do you mean?

Anna: (turns) what’s going on?

Daniel: i was just trying to tell him that you’re crushing on him.

Anna: Daniel stop it.

Chris: there is nothing wrong with it if she loves me,all the girls you know loves me.

Daniel: i guess so.

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Anna: don’t mind him,he’s just joking.

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Daniel: i don’t joke with this kind of stuffs.

Anna: just keep quiet please.

Daniel: she doesn’t want you to know cause you are dating already.

Anna: its a lie,Daniel just stop it!!

Daniel: stop what? Just tell him and free yourself.

Chris: well seems like we have the same feelings for each other huh?

Anna: what?

Chris: do you want to date me?

Anna: what?!!

Chris: you heard me.

Anna: like seriously?

Chris: you heard me.

Anna: i would love to.

Chris: then be fast with the lunch and get ready,lets go out (left the kitchen) Daniel:see i told you.

Anna: thanks.

Daniel: if he tries anything stupid you call me.(Peck’s her and left the kitchen)

Chris arrived in one of the expensive hotel with Anna that afternoon, of course he made sure that she looked gorgeous before they left,they both came down from the car and walked in and was given a seat,after ordering and eating,Chris decided to strike up a conversation.

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Chris: so what’s your name?

Anna: Annabelle.

Chris: sweet name, am Chris i guess you already know that.

Anna: yeah.

Chris: so how old are you?

Anna: am 20

Chris: nice, am 26 though.

Anna: what of Daniel? I don’t know his age but he knows mine.

Chris: he is 23 years old.

Anna: nice,what of your girlfriend?

Chris: we broke up ( he lied)

Anna: why?

Chris: she’s she too arrogant.

Anna: that’s bad.

Chris: i would love it if you would accept to be my girl.

Anna: uhm,can i think about that?

Chris: i need an answer now.

Anna: uhm……

Chris: come on just tell me.

Anna: yes,I’ll be your girl.

Chris: thanks.

Anna: welcome.

Chris: so tell me about your family…


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