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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 4

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Daniel: if you want to know who i am,call your madam,and tell her that Daniel is here.

Anna: okay (she ran to her room,came out with her phone then called Patricia)

Patricia: hello!

Anna: am sorry to disturb you ma but someone came into the house.

Patricia: who? What’s his name?

Anna: Daniel.

Patricia: (laughs) Daniel is my son.

Anna: really?

Patricia: yeah.

Anna: okay then,have a nice day ma.(cuts the call)

Daniel: so ?

Anna: sorry sir.(bends her head)

Daniel: you’re quite protective, so what’s your name?

Anna: Annabelle.

Daniel: i can just call you Ann right?

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Anna: no problem.

Daniel: what is it?

Anna: nothing.

Daniel: you can just call me by my name too Ann. (Smiles)

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Anna: i can’t

Daniel: i insist.

Anna: okay.(Chris comes in)

Chris: did my little brother bring another girl in?

Daniel: and what if he did?

Chris: none of my business,she’s cute though.

Daniel: she’s the new house help moron.

Anna: good day sir.

Chris: welcome then.( went upstairs while Anna kept on looking at him and smiling)

Daniel: what’s up with the smile?

Anna: he’s cute (blushes)

Daniel: like seriously?

Anna: yeah.

Daniel: yeah i know.

Anna: you’re more handsome than him but….

Daniel: but what? Is this love at first sight?

Anna: what do you mean? I have to work,bye.

Daniel: come on let’s be close friends.

Anna: why?

Daniel: please.

Anna: I’ll think about it.

Daniel: till when?

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Anna: tomorrow.

Daniel: cool then.

Anna: bye (she left)

Patricia came back from work as usual with her husband and Anna rushed out and welcomed them and Gerald asked.

Gerald: is she the new girl?

Patricia: yes.

Gerald: what’s your name?

Anna: Annabelle sir.

Gerald: nice meeting you.

Anna: thank you sir (they all went inside together)

Chris: welcome mum,dad.

Patricia: where is Daniel?

Chris: i don’t know.

Patricia: where is Daniel? Ann

Anna: he’s in his room.

Patricia: okay.

Gerald: Chris, you have to stop this behavior.

Chris: good night Dad (stood up and left for his room)

Gerald: where did he learn to be so rude?

Patricia: i don’t know (sits down)


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