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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 3

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Margret: so you are the one that wants to take my daughter?

Patricia: yes i am

Margret: you aren’t the type that treat your house helps like they aren’t human beings?

Patricia: am not like that, why are you asking?

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Margret: i just don’t want her to go through the same thing that happened when she was a kid.

Patricia: am not like that, i just want her to help me around the house.

Margret: okay then, Annabelle!!

Anna: yes mum (comes out of the room)

Margret: are you ready to go with her?

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Anna: yes Mum.

Margret: get your things.

Anna: okay ( went inside and brought out her bag and took it the car and came back gave her Mum a farewell kiss and went into the car with Patricia and they drove out.)

They got to the city few hours later and Patricia took her inside the house,showed her around and gave her a room and some little things to do and then left for work.

She was still in her room when she heard the sound of the door and went out of the room,to the sitting room only to see Daniel sitting down on the sofa,she quietly moved close to him and asked)

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Anna: who are you?

Daniel: what? (Stood up immediately)

Anna: who are you? And what do you want?

Daniel: i should be asking you that.

Anna: if you don’t who you are, I’ll call the police.

Daniel: and tell them what?

Anna: that someone broke into a house.

Daniel: do you have brains at all?

Anna: what?

Daniel: you would probably be the one to be arrested.

Anna: i work here.

Daniel: wow interesting, so you are the new househelp?

Anna: who are you?………

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