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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 2

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Patricia: you both should stop it!

Daniel: Mum i hate this guy so much.

Patricia: he is your brother, alright i gave birth to the both of you.

Chris: i don’t think he is my brother.

Patricia: what do you mean?

Chris: nothing.

Patricia: you are the one causing all this troubles. How could you take someone that left your little brother.

Chris: thats none of my business (he left the kitchen,Daniel wanted to live too but his mum called him back)

Patricia: Daniel let’s talk

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Daniel: about what?

Patricia: can’t you just forget about Tina.

Daniel: i can’t.

Patricia: she’s not the only girl in this world.

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Daniel: she’s the first girl i loved,how can she just dump me just because my brother is going to own the company.

Patricia: that’s how life is,alright I’ll bring in the maid you need as long as you don’t fight with your brother over Tina.

Daniel: Mum am not a kid anymore, you can’t deceive me with that.

Patricia: am not trying to deceive you,am trying to help you out.

Daniel: how?

Patricia: I’ll bring someone you would like to stay with.

Daniel: am not gonna Date some low life.

Patricia: (hits his head with her hand)

Daniel: Mum! That hurts.

Patricia: of course it hurts, don’t call people low lives.

Daniel: so is she pretty?

Patricia: i think so.

Daniel: come on is she pretty or not.

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Patricia: i haven’t seen her before.

Daniel: like seriously?

Patricia: but my friend suggested that i should take her in. Read and digest more interesting and lovely stories from Topster-Stories App.

Daniel: your friend indeed (rolls eyes)

Patricia: yeah my friend.

Daniel: okay then till tomorrow.

Patricia: alright ( pecks him and he left the kitchen)

At night

Patricia: am taking someone in.

Gerald: not again!

Patricia: come on am tired of going to work,and coming back to do house chores.

Gerald: you’ve been doing it

Patricia: Daniel wants me to bring her in and am doing that tomorrow.

Gerald: okay then………..

To be continued…

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