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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 15

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Patricia: you might be pregnant.

Anna: how is that possible?

Patricia: if you had sex then its possible.

Anna: i did have sex but….

Patricia: with who?

Anna: Dan………..Daniel.

Patricia: really?

Anna: but it was only once.

Patricia: thats it,half of what you did with Daniel can result to pregnancy.

Anna: ma are you sure that am pregnant? If i am and my Mum finds out,she won’t want to see me again.

Patricia: am not sure yet,we have to go to the hospital ,go and get ready.

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Patricia took her to the hospital that day,where it was confirmed that she was three weeks pregnant, as they headed out of Patricia’s hospital,Anna asked.

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Anna: what do i do?

Patricia: it’s up to you,abort it or tell Daniel


Anna: i can’t abort it.

Patricia: is that what you want?

Anna: yes,even if Daniel rejects it,i still won’t abort the baby.

Patricia: that’s what i wanted to hear from you, let’s go home and tell Daniel.

Anna: ma you are not angry?

Patricia: if i was to be angry,then it will be because, you guys were too fast about this.

Anna: i wasn’t expecting this to happen ma,am sorry.

Patricia: it’s okay, let’s go(they left and luckily when they got home,they saw Daniel and Patricia said to her.)

Patricia: go and tell him(she went into her room,living the both of them)

Daniel: tell me what?

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Anna: Daniel i……

Daniel: did anything bad happen?

Anna: no just that….

Daniel: you are scaring me.

Anna: am pregnant………

Daniel: i knew it.

Anna: you knew?

Daniel: i noticed it.

Anna: how?

Patricia: (came out of her room dressed up) Daniel’s a gynaecologist, am off to work.(she left)

Anna: is that true?

Daniel: yeah,so it turned out to be true?

Anna:and you didn’t tell me.

Daniel: i wasn’t sure.

Anna: i really can’t believe that am pregnant, what will i tell my mother?

Daniel: come on what’s wrong with being pregnant?

Anna: am not married.

Daniel:then let’s get married.

Anna: really?

Daniel: yeah.

Anna: thanks a lot.

Daniel: it’s nothing (hugs her)………


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