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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 13

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

She followed him into his room still begging him.

Anna: Daniel am so sorry.

Daniel: why are you begging me when am not the one you love? Just go back to him.

Anna: i don’t love him Danny.

Daniel: do you love me then? Does your heart even beat for me the way mine beats for you now?

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Anna: you’ve have given me a very warm reception and treated me nicely,so there is no way i would lie to you?

Daniel: (he fixed his gaze on her) then tell me,what kind of feeling do you have for me? And please don’t give me a negative answer.

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Anna: Daniel I…….(afraid that she was going to say something stupid, grabbing

her head,he sank his lips in hers and they kissed for some seconds and then he stopped and said)

Daniel: I really do love you.

Anna: I love you too (before she could think of anything else,his lips was already locked up with hers,she totally gave way to submission as he slowly lay her on the bed,then followed by the removal of cotton fabrics, and a frenzied movement of hands and legs,and then she simply let her body melt in his arms as she went into the world she’s never been to.

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After the act,they both lay together on the bed,as Anna dropped her head on his chest,he held her hands and asked her.

Daniel: are you alright?

Anna: yeah am fine.

Daniel: am sorry for making you do that,i didn’t know that you were a virgin.

Anna: it’s okay,as long as its for you.

Daniel: thanks a lot.

Anna:why are you thanking me?

Daniel: for choosing me.

Anna: i love you so much.

Daniel: love you too.

He held her close to his body ,kissed her forehead as she drifted to sleep.


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