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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 12

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Tina: something’s really bothering me.

Anita: what’s that?

Tina: i think Chris is no longer interested in our relationship.

Anita: that’s none of my business, sort it out on your own.

Tina: come on you are my friend, so you should advice me.

Anita: you need an advice?

Tina: yeah.

Anita: alright, break up with Chris and go back to Daniel.

Tina: i don’t need your advice anymore.

Anita: come on why?

Tina: i don’t want Daniel.

Anita: okay then,go and beg Chris not to live you.

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Tina: i can’t stoop so low before him.

Anita: then just watch him dump you.

Tina: Anita!

Anita: what?

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Tina: never mind.

Anita: okay then


A week later,Chris went over to Anna in the kitchen,she turned to look at him when she noticed that he was there, he asked her.

Chris: how are you doing?

Anna: am fine

Chris: that’s great.

Anna: any problem?

Chris: you and Daniel seems so close to reach other.Read and digest more interesting and lovely stories from Topster-Stories App

Anna: yeah,anything wrong with it?

Chris: do you love him?

Anna: why are you asking?

Chris: don’t pretend to love him when you don’t.

Anna: how is that your business?

Chris: it’s my business cause you still love me.

Anna: that’s a lie.

Chris: is it?

Anna: yeah.

Chris: should we find out then?

Anna: why and how?

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Chris: just don’t worry.

Anna: i……..(before she could say anything else,he dragged her close to his body

and kissed her,at first she tried to push him but later allowed him,then she heard her name and pushed him off)

Daniel: Ann what’s going on?

Anna: nothing?

Chris: alright am out,see you guys later.(he left)

Anna: its not what you think.

Daniel: is this the answer you were going to give me today?

Anna:no Danny, i didn’t know that he was gonna do that.

Daniel: but you were enjoying it?

Anna: no Daniel.

Daniel: have fun( he left the kitchen to his room while Anna followed him)………

To be

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