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My Mistress’s Sons – Episode 11

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

They saw Tina and Chris making out on the sofa and were half naked,Chris sprang up immediately he saw them.

Chris: you guys are back?

Daniel: yeah.

Chris: okay.

Anna: you guys can continue with what you were doing.

Daniel: yeah continue.

Anna: Danny let’s go in.

Chris: Anna.

Anna: and it’s over between us, have fun with your Tina


Tina: what does she mean?

Chris: nothing.

Tina: were you dating her?

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Chris: no i wasn’t.

Anna: yeah he wasn’t and never will.

Tina: it better be.

Daniel: let’s go in Ann.(they went inside his room together)

Daniel: how did you find out?

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Anna: find what out?

Daniel: that he is still dating Tina.

Anna: your mum told me.

Daniel: my Mum?

Anna: yeah.

Daniel: wow, does she like you that much?

Anna: yeah, everyone likes me you know?

Daniel: who is deceiving you?

Anna: huh?

Daniel: who told you that everyone likes you?

Anna: do you hate me then?

Daniel: yeah.

Anna: what?

Daniel: i hate you so much.

Anna: and now i feel like crying.

Daniel: why don’t you just cry? I wanna see how you look when you *cry.

Anna: am not gonna cry.

Daniel: i have something to tell you.*

Anna: what is it?

Daniel: forget it.

Anna: no tell me.

Daniel: its nothing serious, never mind.

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Anna: please!

Daniel: close your eyes.

Anna: why?

Daniel: just close them.

Anna: okay(she closed her eyes)

Daniel moved close to her and kissed her,she opened her eyes and moved back immediately.

Daniel: am sorry.

Anna: no its okay,but why did you do that?

Daniel: Ann i love you.

Anna: am speechless!

Daniel: please be my girl! I promise not to cheat on you and am willing to take care of you and protect you,please just give me the chance.

Anna: Daniel can you give me a little time to think about this?

Daniel: okay then.

Anna: alright..


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