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My Mistress’s Sons – [Episode 1 – 16]

My Mistress’s Sons

My Mistress’s Sons

Chris walks in angrily and went straight to Daniel’s room and asked him.

Chris: what did you tell Tina?

Daniel: and who said that i told her something?

Chris: stop pretending, what the hell did you tell my girlfriend?

Daniel: nothing.

Chris: what is wrong with you? The girl dumped you,is that why you can’t let me date her?

Daniel: what the f–k are you talking about? Did you see me telling her anything?

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The question is what did she tell you?

Chris: you told that i have other girlfriends and that i sleep around with them,why are you trying to expose me?

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Daniel: we aren’t in good terms so i won’t mind doing that but i never told her such.

Chris: then who did?

Daniel: dude she made that up and she got you,she always did that when we were dating.

Chris: let me just believe you.

Daniel: alright so can you get the hell out of my room? Knock before you come in next time.

Chris: f–k you.

Daniel: same to you.

Chris walks out.


Daniel: ( moves to the kitchen and See’s his mother) Mum am Hungry.

Patricia: then go out and eat something, am so tired from cleaning, and i have to go to work,you and your brother are of no use to me

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Daniel: bring someone to help you then.

Patricia: i can’t do that, the one i brought almost husband away from me.

Daniel: then bring a young girl.

Patricia: so you can have fun with her when am.not around?just like you do with other girls?

Daniel: mum you’re making it sound somehow, i only call the girls,if i need someone to joke and talk with.

Patricia: you have a brother.

Daniel: which brother?

Patricia: Chris!

Daniel: i don’t remember having a brother named Chris.

Chris: neither do i remember having a brother like you (walks in)…………….

To be continued tomorrow..

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