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My lover – Season 2 Episode 5 [Completed]


Small children should not read this ooo


Lucy’s pov

Bryan has been so lovely ever since we started dating.

I even stopped working at the club cause he told me to and he’s now heading

his fathers company,


I moved in with him into his new house and I was on the bed checking the

pictures we took together when Bryan came in and started touching his

stomach as if he was in pain. I thought he was joking until he fell on the

floor still holding his stomach,

I was so scared that I started crying not knowing what to do.

Then he stopped moving, I started screaming,

Please Bryan wake up dont leave me alone in this world I love you u ,I

started crying then I felt his hands on my face cleaning my tears. I just



Will you marry me he said bringing out a ring 💍,

This isn’t happening I pinched myself to know if I wasn’t dreaming. I just

kept staring at him without saying anything until I fainted.


I felt cold water on me and I woke up and shouted yes i will marry you, OMG

am so happy he wore me the ring and kissed me while I responded quickly.


We continued kissing until we were both naked and He was in between my legs

about to enter into me but I was tight cause I was still a virgin, he

wanted to pull out but I held him back saying I love 😍 you and he

continued he finally entered me while I screamed and cried, he started

moving in and out of me faster that I started moaning in pain and pleasure.

Until he collapsed on me saying

I Love you too.

The end

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