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My lover – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4



She’s mine


Brenda’s pov

We were still laughing when I heard a knock.

I will get that I told Jr.

I opened the door to see a lady who claims she’s Louis girlfriend I

instantly became jealous and hurt on hearing her.

Come in I said sluggishly

Thanks she said, just as she entered Louis came down

Baby he said and kissed her

They started kissing forgetting we were there.

I ran to my room as if I was being chased by thieves. How dare him.

Get a room I heard Jr yelling at them immediately I closed the door behind

me and started crying like a bby

Am hurt I cried till I slept off.


Jeremy pov

I knew she loved him not me ,she was always with me just to get him

jealous. I love her but she loves someone else so I’ll just back off.

I felt hurt when I went to her room and saw that she has cried alot cause

of my brother. I kissed her lips and left her room fighting back the tears

that are threatening to fall

I just went to sleep.


Bryan’s pov

I really missed her but she’s been avoiding me after the incident at the

club I was still in my thoughts when I saw her she quickly ran back inside

but I held the door before she could close it .

Then she left and pretended as she didn’t see and lay on her bed.

Lucy I called but she didn’t reply me.

Am sorry for everything I did. I did it cause I love you and I thought you

didn’t love me.

I felt offended when you complimented that guy that looks like a cow.

Whenever you compliment other guys I get jealous that’s why I was acting up

he confessed but she didn’t respond .


I was about leaving the room when I heard her say I love you too,

I love you so much. I love with all my

Before she could finish what she was saying I kissed her like my life

depended on it and she responded quickly.

I pulled from the kiss and she became angry

Why she asked I’ve been wanting to kiss and now that I got the opportunity

you just stopped dont even dare

I started laughing

I love you I said

I love you too she replied

We started kissing again.


Lucy’s pov

I can’t believe he finally confess. Can’t wait to get down to business 🤫😉.


Louis pov

I suddenly felt guilty for asking Sandra to act like my girlfriend, hope I

didn’t hurt Brenda I thought sadly

I can’t do this anymore I said.

Baby you can’t back out now she said trying to seduce me.

Get out I yelled and she flinched in fear running as if I was chasing her.

I just stood up immediately she left and went to Brenda’s room and I met

her sleeping but her face looks pale seems she’s been crying.

I sat beside her and started touching her hair waiting for her to wake up.

After some minutes her eyes flung open and she quickly sat up when she saw



Brenda’s pov

I quickly opened my eyes when I saw Louis in my room

What’s he doing I thought

Am so sorry Brenda

I got jealous and over reacted I love you he said

I just stared at him in awe not knowing what to say. Please say something

he pleaded

What about her I finally asked

She’s just here to act like my girlfriend just to get you jealous am sorry

he confessed

I just kissed him and he responded quickly

I love you too I said

We continue kissing until he started touching my clothes so I stopped him

and said let’s not do that now.

He nodded and slept beside me. Suddenly I started regretting the fact that

I told him not to touch me right now I can’t sleep 😢.



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