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My lover – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3


Bryan’s pov

How could she even say she likes that boy that looks like a cow so

disgusting I thought ,

While I’m here trying to make her mine can’t she see that I asked no one in



Lucy’s pov

Why’s Bryan acting weird since yesterday he hasn’t even spoken to me since

we came home yesterday and he even locked himself in the room I feel like


Was it because of what I said yesterday am sorry I never meant it I said

talking to myself.

I was just trying to get him jealous but I just ruined everything I blamed



Soon he came out but didn’t look at me or ask me to join him so we could go

to work together, this is so unfair I started crying,

And I’ve been waiting for him so we could talk.


Bryan’s pov

I thought she left for work already but she didn’t,

So I just walked passed her as if she wasn’t there, immediately I closed

the door behind me I started hearing sobs .

Is she crying cause of me I was happy cause now I know she loves me too but

suddenly felt guilty for making her cry.

She has to suffer for making me go hungry since morning I thought and



When we got to work I started talking to some girls just to make her

jealous and it worked.

Then a girl came and kissed me all I did was allow her.

I saw her ran out and I didn’t see her after.


Louis pov

This is getting too much they’re even acting like couples so annoying

I went downstairs and met them eating together chatting and laughing like

lovers I felt like fainting.

They even acted like I no longer exist

I left angrily to think of revenge.

I’ll just bring in a girl and tell her to act like my girlfriend,

She’ll get jealous and come back to me i smiled.

I just couldn’t wait any longer I called one of my old flings and told her

my plans and she agreed to do it.


This is gonna be fun I thought.


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