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My lover – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2




Louis pov

She came out looking stunning, I was still staring when I heard Jr asked

where she was going

Is she your wife I asked not knowing when I did.

He didn’t reply and asked her again while she smiled

Am going to work cause I work in a club she answered.


Can I go with you he asked again

Yeah sure she answered

I just left them angrily and went to my room.

After a while I saw Jr and Brenda heading out I became jealous and sad,

They didn’t even ask me to join them

She’s so wicked πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί


Brenda’s pov

Why is Louis acting like a jealous boyfriend when we ain’t even dating I


Does he likes me I was practicing smiling at the thought of dating him

Until the car stopped and Jr was just smiling

Do you like my brother he asked

Yes uhm no I meant he’s my boss that’s not possible and he started smiling

Do you like me he asked again staring into my eyes

Yes I answered but he took it wrongly

As he started grinning from ear to ear

Today is gonna be a long day I thought.


Lucy’s pov

I was with Bryan talking and laughing when we saw Brenda walks in with a

cute guy.

Who’s that Bryan asked but before she could reply

Am Jeremy her boyfriend he said leaving us shocked including Brenda who was

just staring not believing her ears.

We started talking and Jr was really fun to be with as he was always acting

like her boyfriend sending deadly glares to any guy who stares at her.

This is crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Brenda’s pov

I was done working and was about going home with Jr when my friends came


You’re so cute Lucy told Jr

And I like you she said again

Thanks he said and smiled

Bryan just walked out in anger

What’s wrong with him she asked

I dont know I answered knowing fully well that Bryan was angry cause she

compliment jr

I hugged her and left with Jr.


Jeremy pov

I looked at her and saw that she had slept off,

She’s so cute while sleeping I thought.

We got home and I couldn’t wake her up so I carried her inside in a bridal


But met Louis in the sitting room

Why is he still awake I thought

Why are you carrying her he asked but I just ignored him and took her to

her room,

I dropped her on the bed and slipped and my lips landed on hers Gosh so

soft suddenly she responded

I quickly withdrew from the kiss before I do anything stupid cause she was

sleeping and might have thought she was dreaming. I lay her properly and

left for my room

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