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My lover – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 5]

My lover

My lover

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Story Title: My lover (+19)

Episodes: 5


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Episode 1




Brenda’s pov

I was at home packing my clothes as if I won’t come back again,

It was still early but my friends kept staring at me as if I was running


I was done packing my stuff and was about to leave when Bryan broke the

silence saying is he that cute that you decided to stay with him without

thinking of us

He said pouting his mouth, I had to make them see reasons why I should go

and besides we’ll get to see cause am not quitting at the club.


I took a cab and a tear escaped my eye, I missed them already.

I got to Louis house and knock he opened almost immediately as if he was

waiting for me to knock.

I went straight to my supposed room and gasped at the sight of the room

it’s so big and the room is beautiful.

I went out after arranging my things and asked what can I prepare for you

but he told me to just make something cause my brother is almost here he



I went to the kitchen and prepared fried rice and chicken and dished it .

I was in my room when I heard greetings I knew his brother has arrived I

wanted to go out but decided to stay back since I already prepared

something for him so they’ll have to serve themselves.


Louis pov

After Jeremy had freshen up I told him to join me so we could eat together.

He finished eating and asked who prepared the food and I said the cook did


I haven’t seen her did she leave after cooking he asked and I told her

she’s in her room

You’ll see her later. Immediately he left for his room I went to Brenda’s

room and saw her sleeping I guess she’s tired

If you continue cooking I might make you my wife I said and smile to myself

not knowing when Jeremy came to sit with me.


Jr pov

Who are you gonna make your wife I asked my brother who was just smiling

and talking to himself and didn’t even notice I was right in front of him.

I uhm. . .it’s nothing he finally said I’ve never seen him like this before

I was still in my thoughts when a lady Came out looking as beautiful as


Is that the cook I asked my brother who wasn’t even listening.

Am Brenda she said stretching out her hands I took it and oh my gawd it’s

so soft am Jeremy but you can call me Jr I said still not releasing her


Do you want to hold her forever Louis said with a tint of jealousy in his

voice, I smiled and left her ever soft hands while she blushed and left.


You never told me you kept a wife for me I said to my brother who was

sending me deadly glares,

She’s our cook he answered but why are you making it seem like there’s more

to it I returned.

We were still arguing when she came out looking like a goddess and said




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