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My lover – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5



The cook 😋😋


Louis pov

My brother wants to move in with me and this house would be so boring, so I

decided to hire maids and a cook so that when I go to work he won’t feel



Gosh my house was filled with people, I started the interview then hired

ten maids, but I still haven’t gotten a good cook among those that applied,

I was already inside when I heard a slight knock ,

I opened the door and was shocked to see Brenda first I thought she came to

see me until she said I came to apply as a cook.


She came in and Ied her to the kitchen and told her to prepare something

nice. And she nodded,

I already made up my mind to employ her even though she can’t cook 😉😉


Brenda’s pov

He said I should prepare something nice and started thinking of what to

cook immediately he left.


I already prepared chicken stew and served him with a cup of juice

Immediately he tested it he looked at me as if he was trying to ask did you

really cook this yourself I felt happy with the way he reacted but I didn’t

show show it

After he finished eating he said that’s your room you’re hired I thanked

him and I was told to resume on Monday since my brother is coming on Sunday

I looked at him surprisingly ,so he’s doing all this because of his

brother. That’s no good. I love him even more I said to myself.

I was about but I turned back and said sir can I be going to my other work

from here

And he said yes and answered and please stop saying sir my name is


Louis I said before he could finish his sentence I became embarrassed and

ran out of house like am being chased…


Louis pov

Lol this girl is just something else, so she still remembered my name I

said smiling at the thought of living in the same house with her ‘ahhgh am

going crazy .

I said as I went to my room to rest since its already late.

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