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My lover – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4


Brenda’s pov

When he told me his name I felt like I was in heaven,

This guy is just making me act weird.


I rounded up at work and was about going home when I saw my two friends

smiling at me suspiciously I knew they wanted to ask me about Louis so I

walked past them hurriedly and they followed behind asking me loads of

questions till we got home cause we stay in the same house but different



I quickly walk into my room and locked the door behind my back before they

start asking questions,

I could hear them banging the door I just lay on my bed since I was

exhausted ,

When they were sure I wasn’t going to open the door they left yelling at

the top of their voice saying you can’t hide from us forever ,stupid people

I yelled back and before I knew it I drifted to the dreamland.


I woke up and went to have my bath and brush my teeth then walked to my

closet and picked a yellow gown that stopped right on my knees and I came

out of my room and saw Lucy and Bryan eating so I joined them.


Suddenly I caught Bryan stealing glances at Lucy and when he continued

eating his food Lucy started staring and smiling at his face,

Lol these guys are crazy they even forgot I was here though I’ve always

known they had a thing for each other but couldn’t say it.


After eating we decided to watch a movie but it was so boring as if Bryan

was in my thoughts he suddenly yelled let’s just go to the bitch please,

Immediately we got prepared and headed to the bitch on our way we saw a

poster that says cook needed and the pay was huge she showed her friends

who just looked at it as if they didn’t see anything and walked away.


I quickly wrote down the number and the address and ran off to meet her



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