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My lover – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3


Bryan’s pov

I watched as she blushed when I winked at her, if only she knew how much I

love her, I was still looking at her when I saw her getting angry with some


I guess they’re one of my fans here but why is she getting angry with them.

Is she jealous, I continued singing with the thought that Lucy likes me too



Brenda’s pov

I was at the bar stand when the cute guy came and ordered for a drink ,I

gave him a shot and he kept staring at me as I tried looking elsewhere when

I suddenly noticed his adorable grey eyes this guy is so hot even with his

grey hair I couldn’t help but smile sheepishly 😁😁.


I like him I wished he could be my first boyfriend and I wouldn’t mind

giving him my body freely,

I held my head ‘Gosh ‘what am I thinking,


Then I noticed he was smiling at me making him more cute,

I just asked if he wanted another shot so as not to appear stupid 🤦‍♀😂

Wait why do I even care about what he thinks about me, Ahhgh this guy is

making me go crazy .


Louis pov

I came back from the states cause that’s where my family parents stays with

my little brother and am so bored,

I decided to go to a club.


As I was entering the club I saw a girl staring at me as if there’s

something on my face,

Maybe she was shocked to see a cute guy I smiled at her and she blushed as

I walked past her but she’s so cute.


I sat down and saw the strange girl at the bartender,,

She’s so cute I’ll like to have her I thought 🤔


But what if she’s one of those women who sleeps with men for money since

she works in a club and my friend has once told me he has slept with almost

all his workers cause he owns the club.


I stood up making up my mind to add her to my flings list 😋😋,

I walked to her and asked her give me a drink she gave me my order and and

kept staring into my eyes and I stared back but she was so lost in thought

to notice I was staring back into her eyes,

Only to see her trying hard not to drool over me she was lost in thought

that she started smiling from ear to ear like a newly wedded bride 👰. This

girl is crazy and so cute I said in my thoughts,

She noticed i was staring and suddenly asked if I wanted anything else to

cover her embarrassed look. Lol she’s so funny and strange.


I immediately asked her out and for her number which she declined saying am

not a slut ‘Wow that got me cause I’ve never been turned down,

I think I like her ,we started talking, joking and laughing at random

stuffs and I swear she’s fun to be with.


We were still talking when I heard someone say ,

Hey dude when did you get back I knew it was my friend Richard since he

owns the club I stood up and hugged him, this evening I answered as I

pulled from the hug and he dragged me so we could go to his office I

stopped and looked back and asked what her name was,

Brenda she said, what a cute name you’ve got and she instantly turned red

anyway am Louis I told her as I left with my friend.


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