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My lover – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2



I quickly did a little makeup on my face just to impress guys so they’ll

ask me to keep their change, after all that’s all I want from them since

I’ve never fallen in love not to talk of having sex..


Lucy always calls me a lesbian ‘LOL’ who would think a club girl like me is

still a virgin.


I was still in my thoughts when I heard Bryan say just look up and i did

only one to see my boss glaring at me angrily sending cold shivers down my

spine, and mind my manners Bryan is my other friend he’s from a very rich

family 👪 but he wanted to fend for himself that’s why he works in the club

as a singer.


He’s cute, caring and hardworking.

Immediately I saw my boss I had to start attending to customers to avoid

him just then a cute guy walked in OMG 😱 I just stood like a statue this

guy is cute, tall, handsome, and pink lips I feel like kissing him wait did

I just drool over him .


As if he could read my thoughts he smiled at me and walked past me

instantly my face turned red like a 🍅 tomato,


‘Wow ‘ that’s new cause no one has ever caught my attention like him,

suddenly I felt embarrassed when I remembered he smiled at me maybe he saw

me drooling over him “Gosh “I said while i pinched my skin and walked away.


Lucy’s pov

Lol what’s wrong with my friend I just saw her drooling over the cute guy

that just walked in and he smiled at her and she started pinching herself

,,That’s weird cause the almighty Brenda never drools over a guy not to

talk of blushing 😂😂.

I was still in my thoughts when I heard Bryan’s voice

He was singing and I kept staring at him as if just saw a ghost, this guy

never cease to amaze me suddenly he looked at my direction and winked at me

and I smiled back..

Then a girl beside me started telling her friends he likes me too he just

winked at me I suddenly became angry and jealous and told her in your

dreams and walked away..

I could hear them laughing at me 😡.


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