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My Lovely Babysitter – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9

“Hey you,” she said coyly. “I didn’t want to disturb you while you were working up here. Everyone is down for their naps and I thought I’d take a shower.” She said dropping the bags

“Thank you,”I said. “You really are great with them. They’d still be crying if I was
alone here trying to put them down to sleep.”
“Well you aren’t alone. You aren’t alone anymore,” Rachel said, peeling off her t-shirt.
“You shouldn’t,”I protested. “Last night was…” I was unable to finish as she
stepped out of her shorts. She was perfect.

Rachel just giggled and locked the bedroom door. Her massive tits bounced as she walked towards me. I stood there frozen, my breathe quickening. Rachel changed directing just before she reached me and sauntered into the master bathroom. She looked back,
motioning me to follow.

I did.
Rachel had already started the shower. “I…I’m going downstairs to get some…to…”I
“I want you to join me in the shower. Please?” she walked over and kissed me hard on the lips, placing a hand on my crotch at the same time. I was already rock hard. She grabbed my c*ck firmly through the fabric of my pants.
Ibkissed her back, my hands roaming over her young supple body.

Rachel stepped back. “Please?”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because I love you silly,” Rachel said giggling again. She turned and walked into the shower.
I stared after her. Nobody beside my children, had told me that in years. Could she even know what love was?

Asking God to forgive me, I pulled off my clothes and entered the shower with Rachel. Last night was bad enough, but at this second in time, I was about to cross the line of no return. Maybe I’d already crossed it last night.

She handed me the body wash and sponge. “I really need you to get my back good,” she said turning away from me.
I started to lather up her back. Just touching her was sending electric shocks
throughout my entire body. I felt like my head was going to explode.

“Don’t forget my ass.” She winked at me.
I didn’t. I couldn’t imagine ever forgetting a perfectly round ass like hers. It just
wasn’t possible. I worked the soap over her shapely ass and thighs and down the back of her legs and then worked my way up the sides of her stomach and reached around to her enormous boobs.

She moaned and leaned back against me as I worked my hands over them.
“It’s my turn,” Rachel said turning around. I closed my eyes as this beautiful young
woman cleaned every last inch of me, paying singular attention to my rigid c*ck.
We made out as the hot water washed away all the soap. It seemed to wash away all of my doubt and shame as well.

We toweled off and then she led me back out onto the bed.
“Let me take care of this for you,” she said dropping to her knees in front of me. “It’s so big. You have no idea how full I felt last night. I didn’t know I could feel like that.”
“Oh…it’s not that big…I mean…”
I stopped talking as she engulfed my member.

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