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My Lovely Babysitter – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6
Was she tipsy already? I had only seen her drink two glasses but the bottle was empty already.

“The kids are already in bed and just waiting for you to say goodnight to them.”
“Thank you,” I said. I bounded up the stairs. When I came back down a few minutes later, I noticed another open bottle of wine on the kitchen counter. I was more than a little uncomfortable having an underage drinker in the house, and even more so since it was Rachel. I went into the family room and found
Rachel lounging on the couch. She had a glass for me as well.

“Here you go,” she said handing it to me as I sat down on the far end of the couch,
away from her.
“Thank you.”
“Don’t keep thanking me. You deserve it. You looked like you had a rough day when you walked in. It’s time for you to relax.”

“You’re right,” I said looking over at Rachel. “It was a long day and I just need to relax.” He picked up the remote control and turned on the TV.

“What do you want to watch?”

I looked over at her as she sipped her wine. She really was beautiful, with the biggest blue eyes and most amazingly huge breasts on such a slim figure. My cock started twitching again.

I turned my eyes back to the TV. What the fuck is wrong with you John? I started
flipping through channels quickly, before settling on Dumb and Dumber. A good comedy was what we needed.

“I’ve never seen this one,” Rachel said.
“You’re in for a treat then.”
We watched the movie, laughing together at all the funny parts, and finished off the
second bottle of wine in the process.

I can’t realize how much I missed sharing
laughter with someone. Somewhere near the end Rachel had dozed off. I watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept. I was entranced. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her nipples outlined beneath her shirt. She truly was beautiful.

Now I have a problem. I need to get her into the guest room. Rachel had definitely had way too much wine and I was feeling a little tipsy himself.

“Okay…let’s find out how much you weigh,” I said moving over in front of Rachel.
“Time for bed…can you hear me?” I gently shook her but she didn’t respond.

“Okay,” I said and picked her up.
She was surprisingly light; much lighter than my wife. Of course, it had been years since I’d tried to pick Kathy up for any reason. I didn’t think it would happen again unless it was to throw her out the front door…

I found that thought extremely funny
and struggled to contain my laughter.

Rachel snuggled against my chest as I carried her up the stairs. My cock hardened and I knew what I would be dreaming about all night. I managed to get her into the guest room, and onto the bed. She was wearing shorts, so Ibdidn’t feel the need to undress her.

I pulled the covers over her and left the room.

“Whew…that wasn’t so bad,” I said as I brushed my teeth a few minutes later. I
decided to sleep in shorts, just in case I had to wake up for any reason.

I woke up to the wind howling outside. It was going to be a stormy night. I got up and checked all the windows and looked in on the kids. Everything was as it should be and Ibwas soon fast asleep again.

I woke up a little while later. There was someone else on my bed, right behind me, snoring peacefully

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