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My Lovely Babysitter – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2
My car isn’t running and my mom gave me a ride over here.”
“Yes. That would be fine.” I wondered if i could drive without sneaking glances over at her chest on the way to her house.

The opera was every bit as boring asI
I imagined it would be. I tried to put my arm around my wife a couple of times as we watched, but she brushed my hand off and gave me a look that told me how inappropriate I was being.

In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time she smiled at me, or laughed with me.I couldn’t remember the last time we had a conversation that didn’t entail her bitching at me for something.
I had been resigned to my fate for a while now. The marriage wasn’t all bad and there had been glimmers of hope that it might get better and then of course there were the children. We had tried counseling, but hmy wife wouldn’t do any of the actual work once we got home. She refused to talk to me about any of the issues that were raised in our
sessions. She had the opinion that she was right about everything and wasn’t open to the chance that she could be wrong.

I found myself thinking about Rachel during the opera and cursing myself for my thoughts. At last the show was over.

“That was an excellent performance, don’t you think?” my wife
asked as we made our way out to the car. “Much better than that awful Foo Fighters
rubbish you listen to.”
I thought it better to keep my thoughts to myself, and we drove home in silence..

As we pulled into the driveway, I reminded Kathy that I had to give Rachel a ride home.
Kathy snorted and then told me that I better not forget to pay her and not to wake her up when he got back. She grabbed her coat and went into the house, said quick good-night and disappeared up the stairs.

I followed her in the door, fished some cash out of his pocket and handed it to Rachel.
She was just slipping on her flip-flops and smiling at me. She wasn’t wearing her
“How were the kids?”
“They were perfect angels, just like always.”
“No problems?”
“Of course not, Mr. Mike,” she said. “They love me and you know that I love them.”
I thought that an odd response.

“Well…you know we both adore you and thank you for watching them. Kathy was exhausted or she would have told you herself.”
“Oh, there’s no need to apologize for her, Mr. Mike,” Rachel answered.

That was another strange response. I was tired, though and didn’t let my mind linger
on it. “Are you ready?”
“Oh, yes. I’m totally ready.” Rachel grinned at me.
I tried not to stare. Was she thrusting her chest out further on purpose? Her flat
stomach was showing between the bottom of her shirt and her tight pants. I wondered if she was ever able to tuck her shirts in.

I looked away and opened the door letting Rachel exit first and got into the car.


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  • Employing an adult as your house help, baby sitter and is not really proper. And now that the wife is misbehaving, Mr mike is now thinking, dreaming about Racheal, and Racheal is not helping matter by showcasing her body in front of the man

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