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My Lovely Babysitter – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12
Rachel responded by taking half my shaft into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down my thick c*ck, making wet slurping noises.
I was unable to protest. The feeling was too good and the sounds of her sloppy
blowjob were almost too much.
Rachel pulled her mouth off my my c*ck. “I missed you today.
I felt like we had to keep our relationship a secret with your sister here.”

“We do,”I said as she pulled off her oversized t-shirt letting her monumental tits spring free. “Oh, my God.”
She got on the bed and lay back, spreading her legs. “I’ve never needed anything in my life as badly as I need you right now. I was going to ask you to make love to me but all I really want you to do now is f*ck me,” she said pouting her lips for effect.

“I…Wendy is…you…” I stammered. My c*ck was impossibly hard and it hurt.
She inserted a finger into her p*ssy and started f*cking herself with it. “I need this to be;your c*ck, lover. Your c*ck is much thicker and longer than my finger and it will pump me;full of your baby seed.”

In spite of myself, I crawled over her, squeezing one of her plump boobs as she
continued to finger herself. Did she just say baby seed? I had filled her pussy up with my semen without using protection. I hadn’t even bothered to ask her if she was on pill.

What if I got her pregnant? She probably already was. This was a nightmare. She
was my personal whore of Babylon and I was helpless to stop myself.
“Please,” She whispered huskily. “Be my man and fuck me.”

“I am your man,” I said and thrust myself inside her. Soon we were sucking on each other’s tongues as we fucked. Rachel was moaning into my mouth and grabbing my ass, urging me deeper. She was so tight and warm and alive. I knew in that instant
that I would never give her up. We came together, neither of us noticed that Wendy was watching from the doorway.

She slept with me that night, only bothering to get dressed when my alarm clock went off for work. She took her time pulling on her pajamas and leaving my room.

When I’ve finished dressing, I left the room and ran right into Wendy.
“Mike…we need to talk.”
“What’s up? I haven’t had any coffee yet so don’t make it too complicated.”
“Oh this is going to be easy,” Wendy said looking like she was about to unleash the fury of the world upon me.

“Okay, you’ve got my attention.”
“I know that Rachel slept with you last night.”
“Slept with me?”

“Don’t make me say it. Goddamn you!”
“I saw you fucking each other’s brains out last night. There! Do you understand that?””

I strode past her and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Rachel and
the kids were sitting there eating fruit loops. I stood there for a minute, realizing that my little fantasy was soon going to be over.

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