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My Lovely Babysitter – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 13]

My Lovely Babysitter

My Lovely Babysitter

Episode 1
Rachel was just pulling her coat on when I came down the stairs. I handed Rachel her payment in cash.

“Thank you, Mr. Greene.” Rachel smiled in gratitude.
“You’re welcome,” I replied. “You deserve every penny. Kathy and I are very happy with you. There is no one that we trust the kids with more than you.”

“Thank you, that means a lot. I love them like they’re my own. I would do anything for you guys.”
Rachel was starting to blush and was having a hard time meeting my gaze. For his part, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes away from Rachel’s exposed cleavage. Did she realize what she was doing? It was bad enough that her breasts were over-large on her small frame, jutting out from her chest like a pair of ripe melons.

Why did she have to wear such revealing clothing? I was glad that she wasn’t meeting my gaze. I was embarrassed at my lack of self-control.

“Okay…I guess we’ll see you on Saturday then.” I cleared my throat and broke the
awkward silence.

“Yes. I’ll be here at six p.m,” She managed to meet my eyes. “Bye, Mr. Mike.” She
grabbed her purse and hurried out the door.

Do all high school seniors dress that way? I wondered. I had to remind myself that she was eighteen and could dress any damn way she chose. She was an adult now, although just barely. I stood there for a long time staring at the closed door, until mybwife called to me from upstairs.

“Coming, honey,” I said. “Just turning out the lights and locking up down here.”
I dreamed of the busty little babysitter all night long and awoke with one of the hardest, most painful erections of my life.

My wife had already left for work and I resigned myself to a cold shower. Not that she would have done anything, I thought.

I was running late and barely made it to work on time. It was a long day and it took me most of it to clear his head.

The week progressed at a snail’s pace, but Saturday arrived at last. My wife had tickets to the opera and although I couldn’t think of anything Ibhated more, I resigned myself to my fate. It was bad enough that she always seemed to have a headache when there was a concert that I wanted to go to, but she expected me to attend all of her highbrow events.

The doorbell rang and I ran down the steps to open it. It was Rachel, and she couldn’t have worn a tighter shirt if she tried. It clung to her chest like a second skin. Her giant, gravity-defying tits were straining to burst right through it.

“H…uh…” John stammered. I started to shake and cough just like the old man in that famous book by Nabokov.

Rachel giggled. “Can I come in?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed a little too loudly. “Sorry, Rachel. It was a long week and I’m
exhausted.” I stood to the side allowing her to saunter past me. “It’s okay, Mr. Mike.” She gave me a long look before turning her attention to the children who ran in from the back yard to greet her.

I went upstairs to finish getting ready. By the time i and his wife came downstairs, Rachel was busy playing with the children in the living room. I noticed that she had put on a cardigan that made her clothes look considerably more conservative. Was that for my wife’s benefit? Was she just trying to mess with me?

My wife was already out the door as I turned to give Rachel final instructions.

“We’ll be back after eleven sometime. Is that okay?”
“Of course, it be okay if you could give me a ride home when you guys are back ” Rachel replied, giving me a huge smile.
To be continued
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