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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 8

I was uncomfortable.i couldn’t touch the drink any more.JC.i called him.
JC.yes bro.
ME.i am not comfortable here.please can we go ahead now and talk.
JC.yea.first let me introduce to you some of my friends here. mean those horrible guys are your friends?.yea.he answered.he stood up and said.
Guys this is my friend dube here.he is a very strong courageous guy.he want to be one of us.what can you guys said to him. are welcome to the going back.*they chorused*.(going back on what na).
Alright guys.eerm dube.this is ZINC.*pointing at the the first guy* this is ORORO.*second guy* this is SIR JAY.*the third guy* this is MADU*the fourth guy*and last but not the list this is 50 50.*pointing at the last guy*.
Let me just go straight to the see in this our business only the strong can survive it.our country is very hard to leave.there is no we created this job to ourselfs to be making money.we deal with guns.and we always get what we want with force.
ME.Jc you are still beating around the still havn’t answered question.what business is this that you require dealing with a gun.*i asked him*.
WE ARE ROBBERS.that is what we do for a living.Jc said. are robbers.what and how.?you didn’t tell me this.when i asked you what type of business you kindly told me that is pure this robbering pure?.i have to get out from here now.i am not interested again.(i made to go but one of the men stood up and forcefuly pulled me back.).you dey craze?he asked.if you stand up from here eeh.some groundnut go enter your brain.abi you no well?.
JC.i am sorry dube.there is no going back either you become one of us.or i am sorry for what will happen to you.
I became confuse and afraid.what did i put myself into.heeeh am warned me not to come here at the first place.but i never listen to her.ooh God.this is not the type of business i wish to be.i don’t want to be a will i get out from here now.i don’t want to loss my family expecially charity..i was still in my thought when JC’S voice brought me back.
JC.dube we are waiting for won’t regret this i promise.before one month you will be counting millions of naira on your bank account.your life will change for good. Do you know that biggest bank that was robbed last week.we are the one that did it.did you heard the news when senator ukeme was kidnap.we are the one that did the job.we requested the sum of 50 million nair.and they paid the money to us.before we release him to go. He went ahead and told me there adventures.the places the robb and the politicial that they kidnapped. He was saying the words with proud. which made me to curse him in my mind. i will like you to us join us let us rule this town together mehn.
I started thinking.i have really suffered alot in life.because of mother called me names.because of money.i was insulted and forcefully accused of what i did not do.i was humiliated in ex girlfriend susan left me to another guy.because of the same money. and lastly my whole uncle pushed me out from his house.because i was nobody.chai!i have seen mess.this insult has to be stop..after remembering all those things.i made up my ming to make money in all means.
ME.Jc.i have made up my mind.i’m ready to join you guys.
JC.*smiled*.now you are talking.welcome to the world of hustling..eerm.i think you need a nick.which nick name will you like the guys to be calling known you don’t have to expose your name for security reasons. me FRESH*i said looking very mean.
JC.alright fresh. we are good to go now.
ME.yes. my stingy uncle wil be the first person that will taste my rot.
JC.can we toast and celebrate to our new member here. Everybody stood up and toast.i wasn’t happy about it.robbering is the last thing i wish i never do.but i got no choice.
That was how my life as a criminal start.

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